The Polar Vortex Is Coming!!

[I’d better stock up on foodski while there’s still time!!!!]

From Imogene.

So This Hamster Went Into The Bar…

No, wait. The Hamster RUNS the bar. And this is what it looks like.




From and the indefatigable Andrew Y. Original source bonkers Twitter account is here.

Time for some sushi after work.


Doesn’t QUITE Grasp The Wheel Concept Yet

However it does look like little Mr. Ham-Ham is getting a great cardio workout, so it’s all good.


Gentleman And…Er, Hamster: On Your Marks, Get SET…

You haven’t truly lived life until you’ve watched competitive-eating maniac champion Takeru Kobayashi square off against….a hamster. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, all in 1:43.

From Megan.

Sally The Undercover Agent

Sally“A while ago I submitted two photos, one of my Bunneh Vallmo and one of my Hamster Edgar. Prepare for this little cutie! This is my hamster Sally. (Yes, she certainly knows how to cover up *drumroll*). I hope that she’ll impress you as well with her under-cover-skills! Best regards Caroline M. from Örebro, Sweden.”

Announcing the iPhone (H)

Is THIS the new one everyone’s talking about? Pretty much your standard iPhone- but THIS one comes with a hamster and a little futon snuggle bag!

From RN24 via Andrew Y. But then you knew that.


Unbelievable. Watch when he tries to drink outta the toilet.


No, You’re NOT Seeing Things

none1461__700That’s a Tiny Hamster. In…a Tiny Playground. From Bored Panda.

Hamster With His Own Jet-Ski. Of Course.

“Hello! : ) I love Cute Overload and happen to have an adorable hamster, so I thought I should submit some of the many pictures I’ve taken of him. This is Bret (named after Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords, and he’s a very photogenic Roborovski hamster. He’ll be 2 years old next month, and he has a Jet-Ski, so he’s the most spoiled hamster in the world!” -Crystal.

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He’s B-a-a-a-ck! Prepare 4 Tiny Hamster…

EATING TINY PIZZA!!! (Check here for the Burrito Version!)

From T.O.


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