Your Mission, Should U Choose To Accept It;

Get IN…get the CARROT…and get OUT. As usual, if you’re caught, the Secretary will disavow blah blah blah.


What In The World…

…is going ON here? Well, a Tiny Hammie has decided to gnaw its way through a stuffed Capybara! Big J. Of course.





Happy Easter From Dumptruck & Porkchop!

Who needs BUNNIES on Easter when you’ve got HAMMIES????


Our Easter Bunday Mini-Marathon continues…

The Big J (No, Not THAT Big J)

IMG_4459Got a different Big J this time around, People. His name is Jasper! Lisa K. reports, “Dear Cute Overload, Long time fan, first time sender-inner. The Furball in the attached is Jasper, displaying Rules Of Cuteness #17 and #19. Photos by my niece, Chloe L. Thank you!”


Miss Alice

IMG_20141225_195230“I would like to introduce you to Miss Alice, the little fluffy genius hamster, who was described by my vet as ‘like the one cow in the herd who always does things their own way.’ I prefer to call her ‘Mensa Hamster.'” -Jenna W.









Cologne ‘Tocks

020“Attached you will find a picture of “Schnäuzelchen” (which is the German diminutive form of ‘snout.’) He is a “Dsungarischer Zwerhamster,” a Dsungarian Dwarf Hamster.

[*Note- SEE what you can learn on this site? Better than Animal Planet. -Ed.]

He is very cute, and my 11 year old son loves him very much. (Me too, of course.) We would be happy if you show the pictures on your adorable web site. Best wishes from Cologne, Zuhal and Sinan and Schnäuzelchen.”

[Hinweis: Wir freuen uns, ihm zu zeigen. -Ed.]

Ultimate Ham Ham ResQte!

A mobile home caught fire last Friday in Lacey, Washington. The firefighters rescued Oreo, Madonna, and three babies. The team was able to save all but one :( of the hamsters, says Komo (They had to refer to their “Pet Emergency Pocket Guides.”)


From Susan H.

Caption THIS: Another One Bites The Crust

cashew_tongueThere’s just so much to love about this photo (the shagginess, pink tongue, match dual front/rear mini-footsters) we decided to let you do our work for us hold another CAPTION THIS contest. As usual, we’ll post our fave around noon PT! (Updated by 4leafclover! Now try getting that “Bom Bom Bom bass line outta your head.) Oh, and let’s hear from submitter Annie O’B.

“I adopted this little cutie from Wee Companions in San Diego in June. He joins my other ResQte Animals: Mudslide, the dog; Texas, the cat; Handbag the Chinchilla; along with two rehomed chinchillas, Autumn and Mister Tibbs. Here is Cashew enjoying a hamster “pizza” I made from a protein cracker, topped with carrot slices, some kale and a Oxbow© veggie treat. I got an enthusiastic tongues up! Hooray for ResQte Pets!

[RE: That last sentence- absolutely! -Ed.]

Celebrate Good Times, Come ON!

There’s a party goin’ on RIGHT HERE!

Header and deck by Kool & The Gang.

Ham Sandwich!

unnamedFrom Halyse D.: “Hi, Cute Overload! Do you remember the pictures I submitted of our baby Chinese Hamsters a while back?”

image (1)
“Well, I’m so excited to announce that, even though I said we wouldn’t have them again—–we did!”

“Announcing Gracidea and Hermes’ sweet babies! Here they are, three weeks old, born June 13! The photos are taken by me.”

image (2)


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