Tucked In And Ready For Santa

These Prosh Lil’ Furballs are winding down the day’s busy Christmas Eve activities, getting all tucked in and ready for Santa’s arrival sometime in the weeeeee hours of tomorrow morning. OK, maybe there’s time for a midnight snack.

From Jaieden S.


Yule Love This Video, Promise

Our featured Hammie tonight is Starlight, one of the adoptable hamsters at Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven. (This is an endless loop.)


Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Or maybe as “Snug As A Hammie In A TP Tube?”

“Hey Honey, Did You Take My Mini Wheats?”

“I filled up the bowl and went to get the paper, but now they’re all gone! And Bear’s out of his cage, BTW.”


~ ~ ~

“Caught our hammy, Bear red handed stealing cereal out of the bowl…but was just too cute not to capture and share. Hope you enjoy :)” -Megan R.

Friday Haiku: Franz Joseph (The European Hamster)

Little Hamster dude
Rummaging for nuts and stuff
Ready for winter?


Stefanie K. says “I have some pictures for you I took earlier this week at a hospital in Vienna. It might seem a little odd, but said hospital is well known for a population of wild European hamsters who live on the hospital grounds. They should be in hibernation by now, but I found a little fellow still out and about. Isn’t he cute? I called him Franz Joseph since he lives on the grounds of Emperor Franz Joseph Hospital.”

“♬Maggie The Red-Nosed Hamster…♫”

“Dear C.O.; Your Lack of Hamster Noses disturbs me. Please see the attached picture of my female Syrian Hamster, Maggie, for the remedy :)” -Melody F.

Hey Dex, Save Some Seeds For The Rest Of Us!

MMMMM, cooked pumpkin seeds with a little salt and butter on there, am I right? Well, there won’t BE any after Dex is done!!

“I thought it may be worth a shot at sending this pic of our newest Russian dwarf ham, Dexter,” says Hayley J. “Dexter is a little shy at the moment, but here he is peeking out of his pumpkin house. I think he looks like a little tiny bat who forgot to put his wings on. And we’d be absolutely beside ourselves to see one of our hams (we have 6 in total) making an appearance. Keep up the good work. Your website is the saviour of our office; without it we would all go completely mad.”

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues

They’ll Be There For You

Whenever you need a FRIEND, just call on these little guys.

Pure Squee

We thank Bored Panda for including us in their story!















100 Years Of Hammie Beauty..In 60 Seconds!

Hammies stuffing their muzzlepowches with carrots hasn’t changed that much over the years…has it? This is Joy The Rescued Hammie, via the Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven!