My First Thought Was “Harry Potter?”

But the Rose City Veterinary Hospital Facebook page says, “Maggie is getting into the spirit of Halloween by dressing as Cleo-catra.”

Thanks to Beth @ RCVH.


Got Your Halloween Costume Yet?

Remember, to get the good stuff on Halloween night, you gotta make a big impression. Really knock ’em out. Take a lesson from these guys!

A Parker Pup Production, starring Gwen, Parker, and Daisy.

Bibi McStubbersons

“Hello Cute Overload: I know you have plenty of pics of Corgi Butts all lined up to be posted during ‘Tocktober, but I’d like to urge you to take a look at my Bibi. All these pics were taken by me, her mama, otherwise known as Bibimama, or legally, Dominique G. I sent a few shots for you to consider, but if you ask me she’s star material.”

We’re comfortable with that assessment.

Bibi Butt


Gangsters, Ewoks and Clowns, Oh My!

Eek! Did your pets pick out their Halloween costume yet?
Here are the 2013 Top 10 most popular Halloween costumes for dogs, as listed by

1. Princess
2. Minion
3. Dinosaur
4. Gangster
5. Ewok
6. Clown
7. Hippo
8. Ghost Buster
9. Lobster
10. Yoda

And how’s this; according to “multiple internet sources”, the best-seller for cats is a devil costume! (head tilt)

So, whether your pet has plans to dress up, er, or be dressed up, er, or not, which costume would you pick? Or tell us your one of your own!

“This is my Shih Tzu Izzy putting up with me doing a Halloween photo shoot. Adorable little witch!” (AGREED!) -Jaclyn J.

Halloween’s Coming? Seriously?

Check out these guys- they’re ready to go!





~Le Creditos~

1. Sidekick Sadie, from Christina V.
2/3. Guillermo from Courtney P.
4/5. From Corgi
6. From Mail Online.

I’m Gonna Get This Orange Ball….

[….if it’s the last thing I do!!!]

(An oldie but a goody. A Red Panda trying to do a full-body Ninja Assassin slam on an unsuspecting Punkin. Purrfect for Halloween.)

Cred to Jamie W.

Candy Corn, My FAVORITE

[This is why I always love October. Eleven months outta the year, the same old thing. But this month? Om nom nom.]

From the Oregon Zoo website: “A teensy, newly hatched Western pond turtle is being hand-reared at the Oregon Zoo as part of a head start program to help the species survive during declining numbers. Photo by Carlie Davidson.”

Cheesy Rat, You Ain’t All That

McRattersons is all, “Woah, I’m even more cheesy in plastic. But I do like me some cheese!”

Danielle R. tells us, “my fun loving lady rat, Bacchus, often rides around on my shoulder, even in the toy store.

Pumpkin Ooh Blech!

Who’s afraid of gory ghouls and goblins. Have you seen pumpkin guts lately?!

Colin the Red Ruffed Lemur sticks his arm into pumpkin guts at the Bristol Zoo in Bristol, England. Photo by Andrew Matthews. (“Oobleck!” It’s a Dr. Seuss thing, literally, or, literarily.)

Oh My Gourd!

I feel so “Hallow” inside!

“Ellie, the samoyed. Old picture from Halloween.” –The Animal Blog