Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na…

SOCK! KAPOW! ZOWIE! Here we have the Caped Crusaders, hanging out in the Batcave with their toy skeletons. Halloween’s one week away! Click below for the retro theme, too. Holy MP3 file, Batman!

From Amanda at


Bibbity Bobbity BOO!

It will do magic believe it or not, bibbity bobbity boo. (be careful what you wish for…)

“Bean as a fairy.” -Claudia H. Taken by Michelle M.

Poll: Bunny Needs A New Name

Little Help here, People. Cuteporter Genesis H. sent in this photo of her Bun.


We can do better than that. Need a new name stat!


Benjamin Linus: International Master of Disguise

At a moment’s notice, faster than you can say “gourdgeous”, Benjamin Linus the bunny, is able to switch from a bunnykin, to a pumpkin.

Much more Benjamin Linus the Bunny!

♪ ♫ See the Dog and Butterfly ♪ ♫

♪ ♫ Up in the air he would like to fly ♪ ♫

“My beautiful baby butterfly, Toto, ready for Halloween treats!” -Jessica H. (Lyrics by Heart & The Bangles.)

Something’s Fishy. Or Spooky. Or…Something.

It’s Fall-O-Ween in Mystic, CT., and the fish at Mystic Aquarium seem mystified at a Jack-O-Lantern that has somehow invaded their space.

Tricks for Treats

I can balance on a pumpkin.

I can balance in a pumpkin.

I can touch my tongue to my nose!

“It’s Halloween for Vanille, my little chihuahua (5 years old).” -J. Plante
“Mocha.” -Melissa V.
Io, the Corgi.

It’s Getting Closer To Hedgie-Ween!

Careful when you carve your punkin- you never know what might be inside! “This is Harrison, he is adorable and festive!” -Kimberly J.



Greetin’s Roxie, when shall we make ready to loot a lot ‘o candy?

Aye, we catch th’ early evenin’ tide about 5 bells nightfall, where plenty a landlubber be serv’n extra fine treasures!

“My mother has Alzheimers and the facility she is at celebrates every holiday. They are very dog friendly so I felt that Roxie should have a costume for Halloween. I cannot figure out a way to get an eye patch to stay.” -Sharon S.

Costumed Critters

Seems to be a theme here. What could eet be? What do all these puppehs have in common? Halloweenie, mebbe?






~Le Instagram Creditos~

1. Watsons Dogumentary.
2. Norm from Jermzlee.
3. Mannie The Frenchie.
4. Tank The Frenchie.
5. Tiny Charlie.