Pumpkin Inspector #1 At Your Service, M’am

[Here at Otto The Otter’s Perfectly Prosh Punkins, we offer only the best for Halloween! Stop by anytime, we’re open 24/7 ’til Thursday night. So if you want to come by at 3am for a pumpkin….you can! I don’t know why you’d want to, but..we’ll be here!]

(The pumpkin shown had no comment.)

Cutearoo.com gets the nod.


Happy Oinkaween

Every Halloween the three cow piggies visit their friend the pumpkin piggie because all piggies are pumpkiny but the pumpkin piggie is pumpkiniest.

Via Cutearoo.

Hoppy Halloween From Texas, Y’all!

Folks, this be the final Bunday before Halloween. So we had to get these Hallo-Bunz out there, from Betsy of the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary. Even Da Bunz are bigger in Texas. Y’all.


“I just had to share with you these photos from our latest Spa Day fundraiser!”


“After being groomed, receiving nail trims, and the obligatory (yet dreaded) ear, eye and nose check..”


“..the Buns got to pose in front of the fireplace with our pro-photographer from (PLUG ALERT) Westfall Images.”


“The images were so pet-able and furry I just had to share.”


“Not too many pictures of ‘Tocks however- I hope the pumpkins make up for it.” [They do. Ed]


“The photographer is too well trained to capture the front of his subjects. (He needs some Tock-Training I guess.)”


“Thanks for brightening our day with cute photos so consistently!!”


NYC’s Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade Recap

The 23rd Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade was held earlier today in NYC. A most excellent time was had by all.

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First photo from the Tompkins Square FB page, remaining photos spotted on Flickr.

NYC Halloween Pooches On Parade Today! (Updated!)

522954_329462660484535_136797246_nToday’s the day for the 23rd Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in NYC! Noon ’til 3pm ET, at the Tompkins Square Dog Run, on E. 9th, between Avenue A and B. Registration begins at noon. Admission’s a suggested $5 raffle ticket sold at the door. Rules and more info here and on the official site here!


UPDATE: From today’s judging going on now! “Our 1st Place, Round 1 Winner- Hot Dog Cart!”

Images from the Tompkins Square FB page.

Ready For Halloween In The O.C.

Cuteporter Jen S. send these in from Southern California, and says, “Are you ready for this? Betty the “Bee-ver” is ready for the OC Zoo Halloween Zoo-tacular event in Orange, CA. (It’s today from 10am-4pm PT.) Betty is leash-trained, so the staff can give visitors an up-close look to learn more about her.”

“For the other animals, treats are hidden in pumpkins for the animals to discover. The wonderful zoo staff dress up some of the animals they work with.”

Halloween beaver 2
“The animals at the zoo are mostly rescues that can’t be released back into the wild.”

Halloween tortoise
“The staff find all sorts of creative ways to keep the animals entertained and active.”



Ladies and Gentlemen, Elton Jowl

I remember when rock was young,
Me and Susie had so much fun
Chasin’ cars and fetchin’ sticks
Had a real good hooman, gave me treats for my tricks

But the biggest kick was outta sight,
Dressing fab’lous for Howl-o-ween night
Ring the doorbell, get a bone
I was all grown up, so I could go out alone, yeah

Trick-or-treating, it’s fun and fleeting
And my tail just can’t keep still
I never knew me a better time,
And I guess I never will

Oh, lawdy mama, those spooky nights
Of goofy ghouls and freaky frights
My one complaint is, I think this wig’s too ti-ii-ii-ii-ght

Hamilton Wesley Wigglebottom looks (Captain) Fantastic, Kristin H.

THIS JUST IN: Scary Legs (A Halloween Special)

Simon’s Cat decides that spiders are, in fact, our friends. At least ’til the very end.

CO Welcomes The Real Dogbert

1380279924477 Well, actually not the real Dogbert…but close! This puppeh is Snickers, and the hoomin taking up valuable space in the photos happens to be his owner, Dilbert creator Scott Adams. We asked Scott to try and take a “selfie” of himself and Snickers, but…he failed at that. So his assistant took these shots. (Failure? Scott’s got a new book out on that, BTW!)

“I have a treat in my fingers here. That’s why Snickers looks so intense,” Scott says.

Snickers on Scott's arm
PS Nice punkin costume, Snickers!

A ‘Tocktober Halloween Tail

… and that’s when I heard the monster scratch-scratch-scratching outside my open window. I turned, and saw a bony, three-fingered hand reaching to grab me…

... and his eyes felt just like... THESE GRAPES!!!
Susie M. says: “This is my girl Daisy. She is usually much more lady-like by sleeping side saddle. But who can blame a tuckered pup for just collapsing after a hard day of being cute?”