Yeah, I Have No Idea, Either

I’m either supposed to be a medieval monk, or a velour spaceman. The lesson is: Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your Halloween costume.

Anyway, Happy Halloween.
Via Maja Dumat.


If You Leave Your Punkin Outside In Sedona, Arizona..

…you’ve only got yourself to blame if this happens. Head on over to Safeway, Dan. They might still have one or two left.

“I shot this last week when I woke to find a herd of wild Javelinas/Peccaries devouring the pumpkin I’d left out to carve.” –Dan B.

[“Left Out” being the -critical- error here. -Ed]

See Here, My Pretty

After all this? You better give me a treat.

“Just in time for Halloween. Cali Bleu is ready for trick or treating. We are big fans! Thanks!” -Jennifer B.


“Her Name Is Shlamoo”

Somebody is clearly, um, amped up over Halloween tomorrow night.

“The photo of my cat Shlamoo was taken by me. It is not copyrighted, stolen, misappropriated, or cleverly snatched from anywhere. Her original owner named her Ashlee, but she wouldn’t answer to Ashlee for me. [Imagine that. -Ed] I began calling her Ashalee, then Ashalamoo, which then morphed into Shlamoo, which is what she answers to.” –Barrie C.

Fresh As A Daisy

Folks, say hi to Daisy Winston AKA Winny. He’s all dressed up for the big night tomorrow night. Cuteporter Patricia Steiner says “The flower fits him, he’s very shy.”


Where’s the Pumpkin, Milo?

Milo is eerily lost in an inescapable dimension of infinite identical pumpkin mutations. A phantom voice won’t stop asking, “Where is the pumpkin, Milo? Where is the pumpkin?
If only he could find THE pumpkin!  Ahhh!  What  is  this  madness?!

…..Sorry, got carried away… roll the cute video!

Just in time for Halloween, this is our 13th Milo post on CO, mwooohahahaaa.  Via Milo Meets World and YouTube!

Make Eet A Kigali Halloween!

CO Rwandan Korrespondant Nathan G. sent us some photos of our two fave Kigali Kittehs, Magilla Glub Glub & sidekick Bubbles. “Attached are pictures of Glub Glub and Bubbles from Halloween. We celebrated Halloween early at our house and had a day full of pumpkin carving and trying on Halloween costumes.”

Glubbers Pumpkin
“Bubbles loved her punk rocker ballerina costume (black and pink with a rhinestone skull on back) and we haven’t been able to get her out of it since.”

Bubbles Ballet 2
“Glub Glub couldn’t decide which costume he liked more, sophisticated cat with a bow tie, or scary witch with green hair, so we took photos of each.” [UPDATE from Mrs. Nathan G.: that IS, in fact, Bubbles.]

Bubbles Witch

Glubbers Fancy 2

I! Want! This! Now!

[How can I nom thees eef eet ees too beeg for my mouf?]

[Where do I open zees?]

“These are two of my four ferrets- Leo (the brown ferret) and Jack (the white ferret) enjoying their mini Halloween pumpkins!! As you can see they enjoy chewing on them!!” Photos by Kate S.

Maddie, U Don’t WEAR It, U CARVE It.

Maddie The Coonhound with her OWN spin on Halloween.

Maddie, did you get your costume at Costco?


Shhhh: Gonna Hide In Here

Then mebbe I can get some candy corns after all! Or…those Red Vine things OM NOM NOM! My fave! No, wait- Skittles. LOFF those.

Phoebe, from Josh Norem.