Look, I Know What I’m Doing!

It’s perfectly simple, see? I use the flint to get some sparks, and use that to heat up the coals, and I use those to light the twig, and I use that to ignite the blowtorch, and I use that to light the candle! So just back off and give me some room!

Credit: Waltraud Grubitzsch, AFP/Getty Images (via SFGate).


Halloween Is Just Once a Year

Thank goodness, because we are shocked!

Is that really what we look like?

Egads, Shiriny.

On Halloween You Can Be Anything

Peter Pan pup says, “It’s easy. All you have to do is be-lieve!”

OK Peeps, he wants to know what are you going to be?!

Yep, and just a little bit of pixie dust, Katie S.

A Public Disservice Announcement

This Halloween, please help us prevent a heartbreaking tragedy: Each year, hundreds of pups are senselessly hunted down and forced to wear seal costumes. Many are emotionally scarred for life. Please send your contribution, no matter how large, to: Save the Seal Pups, Toxic Mills, MN.

Ann N. treats us to Bacon the French Bulldog, “…dreading Halloween. He is dressed as a baby seal and cautiously watches for sharks.”

Trunk O’lantern

Lantern mine, don’t you cry.

Lantern mine, triangle eyes.

Rest your head close to my trunk,

Halloween punk, lantern mine.

Via Microchooser.

Impressions for Halloween

Costumes are so last year. This year try doing an impression, like this dog’s version of a seal.

Via Attack of the Cute