Goin’ At 500 NPM (Noms Per Minute)

IF you could get a speeding ticket for nomming too fast, these guys would be BUSTED.

The Squid with the win.

Being A Pig Is NOT A Bad Gig

guinea-pig-booboo-lieveheersbeestje-2Take a look at THESE Peeg Pix, as seen on The Panda Of Boredom. More photos at Lieveheersbeestje’s website. (Disclaimer: I think the first two shots of The Peeg With Glasses is Booboo, and the rest are part of his crew.)












Maximum Guinea Peeg Tongue Enhance ACTION!

Here’s the zoom-in shot to end all zoom-in shots! LOOK. AT. THE. PINKNESS!

Good grief.

“Hi! I saw this crazy cute pic and I just had to share it with the Cute Overload community! Enjoy! :) Photo is from Skoop102’s Flickr. I found it via Pinterest.” -Frances G.

Cobayo y Princesa

We have seen many great interspeshe pairs here on CO; sloths ‘n kittehsbunnehs ‘n piggehs, turtlets and flutterbyes, the beat goes on….we loff them all. Today we have a new one for you! Puppeh ‘n Guinea pig! Their story is a curious one.

“We have had Cobayo in our lives for 4 years and during that time he would not socialise with anyone. (No matter how hard we tried, he would bite bunnies, cats, chinchillas and some people too.)”

“This Christmas, we brought Princesa home and they cannot live without each other ever since.”

“They like to sunbathe and play all day long. They even TALK to each other (in their ‘languages’, of course)!”

“I am a loyal follower from Galicia (northwest of Spain) and I have finally decided to send you some pictures of Cobayo and Princesa. Cobayo has changed completely since he met Princesa and they sure make a cute couple!” -Estefania G.

Ever Been Hurt in an AccSQUEEdent?

You may be entitled to compensation! That’s where the Offices of Cyoot & Splode comes in! Ready to scoop up your brains!


Bunny is Chubby Pugs. Guinea Pig is Fozzy. Photographer is Jaime Falco.

Ninja Pig…In A Sweateuh

unnamed“Two guinea pigs live happily in our preschool classroom in Brooklyn, NY. Ninja (above) & Buttercup were donated at the beginning of the school year by a family that developed bad allergies and could not keep them. They are a loved part of our classroom and so sweet. Because of the polar vortex, I tried to knit them a sweater, but it turns out that guinea pigs HATE wearing sweaters!” -Kerri M.

Usually, I Prefer Orville J. Redenbacher

..but this will do quite nicely, THANKUVERYMUCH!

From The Squid O’ Laughter.

Big Pig Little Pig

“Meet Cora the Guinea Pig. ‘He’ is almost four years old. The pet store told us he was female, we named him Cora. After his first vet visit, they let us know our little Cora is actually..male. However, he loves his name and rocks his pink ear. I visit your site everyday and I think it’s about time Cora is a part of it. Thanks so much!” -Samantha W.


Flashback Friday

The National Adopt-a-Rescued-Guinea-Pig-Month of March continues with a submishe from sender-inner, Mara V., and her guinea pig, Sanne. Mara, has anyone ever said you like someone famous? Oh and, matchingks! (singsong).

“This is me, age 5, with my Guinea Pig, Sanne. I got her for Christmas and a few days later I woke up to a little baby guinea pig sitting next to her. She was pregnant and we never knew! It was the best surprise ever.” -Mara V.

Flashback Friday

Ever since wayyy back in 2002, March has been National Adopt-a-Rescued-Guinea-Pig-Month. Here we see how guinea piggehs have been spreading the cute since at least the 1950s.

1950s Guinea Pig with girl. From the Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo Resource Library.


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