Afternoon Snack With Mordecai and Rigby

Rigby is the first Pig you see..and Mordecai is his “Best Buddy.” At least until the 1:22 mark.

RIP To Kaka

IMG_20141214_080848Some unhappy news to end up the week, folks. ‘Member Kaka from last November? Irene D. says Kaka passed away earlier today. “I just want to say thank you for featuring Kaka during Nosevember and update that Kaka has passed peacefully this morning. It’s been hard to take in as I’m not ready to let him go, even though I thought I’d be prepared for it considering his age (almost 8 years old.)”

A C.O. Tribute To Princess Kiki

IMG_0065Cecilia R. wrote in earlier today to tell us about her Guinea Pigster “Kiki,” who sadly passed away a little over a month ago. “Here are some pictures Kiki. As evidenced by these pictures she was a Princess Among Piggies. I think she qualifies as being a little more than Cute.” [So true, and we’re sad for your loss. -Ed.]


Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset



Merry Christmas From Santa Booboo

santa-boobooFrom Lieveheersbeestje.

Look What Santa Brought!

Everybody, hide your Christmas cookies! This Little Peeg is on a Nomming Mission!

From Monk C.

Marshmello Wishes Everyone…..

IMG_0552“…a Guinea Pigs-mas!” From Sha.

24 Hours Of Christmas Cute….continues!

Merry Pigmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas, courtesy of alert reader and pet photographer Tammy, and her guinea pig Titania.


24 Hours Of Christmas Cute….continues!

I Didn’t Make The Sleigh Team This Year

IMG_20141220_134523[They said something about “Reindeer only.” Meh.] (Cora the Pigster, from Samantha D.)

Hunkered Down On A Cold Winter’s Night

louiewinter“Here is my guinea pig Louie, all dressed up warm for the holidays. I hope you find him as cute as I do! I took the photo myself, and my name is Bethany!”

Hut Two Three Four

What do we have here? Well, a Guinea Pig walkway, of course. Remember the story about the Capybara hot springs? It turns out they have Pigsters there, too. This is how they “commute” from one play area to another. This a loop video, just click the > button in center.

(RN24/Andrew Y.)


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