Want A Late Night Snack, Fellas?

OK here you go Rufus (Grey Rex) and Stanley (Brown Crested,) some nice grass for you. Now be good little Pigsters and eat it in Super Slo Mo, OK?

“Thanks very much for posting video on Rufus and Stanley eating. There’s another one on Rufus, this time eating in slomo. Everytime I watch the video, I just wanted to to remove the tiny hay hanging near his mouth. Appreciate all the joy you manage to give, simply by having Cute Overload online” -Su-May.


I Am the Goddess of the Fall

Though the leaves may fall from the tree, mourn them not;
For I wear them as my crown, proclaiming their once-green glory
Into the white winter.
Unless I start feeling a bit peckish,
And then perhaps I shall nibble the leaves of the mighty maple tree
Which really aren’t that bad if you know how to prepare them.


Via Pixabay.

The Proshest Punkin Of Them All

“This is my peeg Pepsi. I think he’s a very prosh gentleman.” -R. Franklin.

TWO Pigs….ONE Blade Of Grass

Guess which one is going to win!

Waffles The Guinea Pig!

Hold on! No syrup on THIS Waffle! “Hi, my friend Risa’s boyfriend Alex shot this picture of my Peeg Waffles while they were pet sitting for me. She’s totes ready for her close up!” -Linda C.

Friday Haiku: Feelin’ Snoozy

Missing your pillow?
Find the closest guinea pig
And then take a nap

A kitty and a guinea. - Imgur

How Much Do Guinea Pigs Love Back Rubs?

Turn up the speakers and find out!

Man, This Is A Cosmic Bummer, Like, You Know?

What’s out there? You know- REALLY OUT THERE? (Say like Kirk:) ‘The..Final..Frontier?’ I mean, expand your mind, dude. THINK of it. The galaxy knows no boundaries. It just keeps going and going. Like..like an Energizer Bunny. OK, so- dig THIS. Do you realize that..there are galaxies that are millions of light-years away. So their light..hang with me, I know- their light left their stars millions of years ago. Galaxy M109 is about 83.5 million light-years away!


Happy St. Patrick’s Pigtrick’s!

Cora The Peeg wishes everyone (Irish or not) a Happy St. Patrick’s, er, Pigtrick’s Day.

From Samantha D.

Your Hoomins Miss Ya, Flibble!

Karen W. writes in: “Flibble enjoyed getting into all sorts of trouble. You know how you’re not really in trouble until your parents are yelling your full name? Flibble’s full name was Professor Brigarear Admiral General Alistair Gordon Leftbridge “Knobs-On” Flibble P’toink-P’toink PhD, Esq., III. A.K.A. “Flibble-Dibble” A.K.A. “Phillip Q. Winklebacon.” Yeah. That’s how much trouble he could get into. Today would have been Flibble’s seventh birthday. Sadly, he passed away last September after a long, adventurous life. We would be honored if you post a pic of our little man. We miss you, Dibbs.”