Right. Go AWAY, Then!

[Must have speakers up for this one. Mandatory.]

So all we can figure is these two are having a bit of a spat, you see. (That’s what Lost At E Minor thinks, anyway.) The guy on the right is trying to make up to his girl on the left, and she’s not buying it. Or something like that. Looks like somebody’s gonna have to go and see Jared.

(Lost At E Minor FB.)

[*Note: Update 11:50am PT: You will NOT believe what’s coming up at 1pm PT. Just lettin’ ya know. -Ed.]


Grumpy Pug

Kinda reminds you of someone, no? “Worcester, MA. got hit pretty hard. Here’s Anabelle T. Pug’s face when I tried to take her for a walk.” -Jessica B.

Thanks? We Sure About That?

Might be wrong, but I think this kitteh has an entirely different word in his mind.

Which we can’t print.


Caturday: Bah Humbug Whatever

Two Cuteporters sent us these photos after our Grumpy Post earlier this week. “Hi Cute Overload– saw your posts of the ‘Grumpy Cats’ and thought you might enjoy my Persian ‘Harry.’ He’s a ResQte™ that I’ve had for about 3 years. This is when got home from the groomers. He’s really very sweet and social but always looks a little grumpy. Love your website…it make my day every day!!!” -Jenny B.

unnamed (1)
“Miss Riley Claire doesn’t see the resemblance. Is this a grumpy look or perhaps a disapproving look?” -Photo by Double D.


WIN Grumpy Cat’s New Book!

9781452126579_grumpy-cat-a-grumpy-book_normLet’s put a smile on that face. No wait, that would mess things up. Say, thanks to the swell folks at Chronicle Books, we’ve got a pair of Grumpy Cat books to give away! Just send an email by clicking this link: cuteoverload at gmail dot com. Make sure to include your complete mailing address and phone. We’ll take entries up ’til 9am PT tomorrow, and choose two names at random. (One entry per person, please.)

We’ll announce the winners Friday morning. Thanks to Adam S. at Chronicle Books. W00t!

Noon PT Update: We’ve gotten a lot of entries so far- remember, you have until 9am PT Friday morning, so keep ’em coming! We just upped the Gmail storage! (But only one entry per person.) Like Anne M. says, “Hello! Please pick me! I would be sooooo miserable to win Grumpy Cat’s book!!!” THAT’s the spirit!!

9am PT Friday Update: And thanks again for all your entries, and boy we’ve got a lot of ’em, too. Crunching the data now, and we’ll announce the winners shortly!

Grumpy And Chris P. Hit The Big Time!

yoursign Grumpy Cat’s landed a movie deal! She’s been all over the Interwebs, and now GC is coming to your local multiplex. Word is it’ll be a Garfield kinda thing.

(Just think of the merchandising! Plush toys, books, CDs, DVDs, a Happy Meal™ toy, an iPhone app.)

Of course, there’s the talk show circuit. Ellen, Katie, Leno, & Letterman. Maru N’ Boo, call your agents!

And hey, let’s not forget everyone’s favorite Pink Porkmobile. Chris P. Bacon has a book deal! Woo hoo!

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Got Your GRUMPY Right Here!

tardarWe got an email from Dustin T.: “I work for a huge public arts facility in Huntsville, Alabama. We organized a group art project to create works based on the Grumpy Cat meme. Thirty-three professional artists created their own takes on the work. The mediums span everything from painting, to rug-hooking, to stained glass, to chain mail.”










(Hovers provided by their website.)

What of it?

This is my happy place. Don’t ruin it.

That one is a real swinger, seanilliamic.

Look! A Finger Gargoyle!

If you have real sweaty hands, you should get a finger gargoyle to convey the moisture away from your palms. No more damp handshakes for you!

Plenty of time to get one before Halloween, saltehhh.

That Is a Feisty Little Devil!

Feistiness begins at :41.

The epitome of “piss and vinegar”, Taronga Conservation Society!