The (Mis) Adventures of Grumpy (And Pokey)

Yes, these are a thing. Tardar Sauce in cartoon form, with her lower-profile bro Pokey. “So, I was getting a hot chocolate when I noticed a stack of comics, which, upon closer examination, turned out to be Grumpy Cat comics!” -Lindsay.


This Cat Looks….Familiar

Vajda B. says this is a calendar from 1916- 100 years old! When you go to the website, it says “Sophie got this wonderful London, 1916 pocket calendar. And who is taking over the “Volcano Budapest” teensy-weensy inscription on the cover? A familiar grumpy cat!” I would say so!


Episode II: May The Grump Be With You

Grumpy, this one is. (Episode I was last month.)

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Have Yourself A Merry Rotten Christmas

Grumpy Cat wouldn’t have it any other way, after all! (Image from

May The GRUMP Be With You

Grumpy, she is. (Above image and next three, via Grumpy Cat’s Facebook; text by April W. at Chronicle Books. I showed her the first version and she came up with this one.)






(Final two photos seen on and Pinterest via

Double The Grump

As we told you back in late August, the famous Madame Tussauds museum has unveiled a lifelike copy of Grumpy Cat…who was not impressed.


Need someone to help you put up the Christmas lights this weekend? We know someone who’d be glad not to help! (Image from @RealGrumpyCat Twitter.)

Happy Thanksgiving….Maybe.

It looks like Tardar Sauce is going to have a Grumpy Thanksgiving. Who would have ever guessed?

Everyone Likes Halloween, Right?

OK….make that…MOST of us like Halloween.

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues

Grumpy Cat Went Trick-Or-Treating Once…

…and it was awful. (Photo by Rick Scuteri/AP Images for Friskies/PetSmart Halloween Promotion as seen on