‘Tocktober: NOT Your Normal-Sized Everyday ‘Tocks

IMG_9838Wow, what can you say about this photo but “Um, how CLOSE were you to get this shot?” Sarah B. sent this in and sez, “Hello, I just returned from Rwanda where I hiked to find Gorillas. Here’s a Silverback from behind! I was very close. That photo was taken with my iPhone, so not much of a zoom. A small gorilla was running & bumped into my husband!”

Well Hellllllllllllo There, Lil’ Lady!

ImageProxyThis is Kibibi, “Little Lady” in Swahili. She was born in March at the Belfast Zoo!

ImageProxy (1)
From ZooBorns.

Mom Taxi XXIX: Grillas!

This little guy is clearly enjoying the ride but something tells me he can’t wait ’til he gets his OWN license.

From NBC Bay Area.

Animal Selfies: Sure, Why Not?

The “selfie” craze shows no sign of slowing down- (though maybe they’re done with it at the White House.) These guys want to get in on the action, too!




(Of course, these aren’t real. They’re part of a National Geographic ad campaign.) Via 123Inspiration.


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