Anything You Can Do…

…I can do BETTER.

(Laughing Squid.)


Luke, I AM Your Father

[Who is? You? Black Helmet Face Guy? Why you breathe like that?]

~ ~ ~

“This is Luke the Italian Greyhound! He loves gracing us with his presents (har!) Thanks! Valerie and Luke.”

Does This Suit Make Me Look Fat?

[I CAN’T be fat, I is a Greyhound. We’re all sleek and lean and fast and stuff.] (Imgur/Reddit.)

Does This Mask Make My Nose Look Big?

It doesn’t, but you’re a prime candidate for Nosevember anyway! However, this photo was submitted with the subject line of “Halloween Pic,” so we’re going with that. “Here’s my Greyhound Hannah; photo taken by me, Deb H.”

#Tocktober: All Things…What?

[*Note: Sometimes, when we get an email in, we reprint it verbatim, no editing. This is one of those times. -Ed.]

“Hi Cute Overload! A little late for the 24-hour celebration of all things callipygian, butt here’s my submeesh: the divine Miss Schnozz (aka Juno) showing off her elephant ears. Enjoy! (Elephant ears = hamhock legs, if you imagine the tail is a trunk. I dunno, we’re weird)(Also, callipygian is my favorite word about butts *snicker*)” -Tracylee & Juno.

What The Stylish Italian Greyhound Is Wearing This Winter

Gaius the Winter IG (secretly dreaming of Miami Beach, stuck in Fort Tryon Park, NYC) from Carlos D.

Cooper From Every Angle

Cuteporter Patricia B. has been busy with her camera, while Cooper zonks out on the bed. “Here’s Cooper demonstrating ROC #s 48, 50, and arguably 1,” she says. “It’s very possible that Cooper has folded paws under the green blanket. He, like all Italian Greyhounds, likes to be under blankets.” {*Note: Ya missed #99. -Ed.]


photo (1)

Rump Day

This is an extra-speshul Hump Day Rump Day ’cause it’s a short week! (In the USA, anyway. On the East Coast, they’re already clock watching. Admit it.)

Heck, slip out of the office early today, make tomorrow a vaca day, then you have the Fourth on Friday, and the weekend! Wham-Bam-C-U-Monday!

“This is Theodore Calvin Huxtable Hawks. He’s a 7 year old Italian Greyhound with the cutest little rump, which he doesn’t mind displaying.” -Valerie H.

Lilo (& Lola) Keep Us In Stitches

There is some Serious Arabian Greyhound Whackadoodle Action going on heah.

From Rhode.

Numero Uno: The Prime Rule Of Cuteness!

From waaay back in November of 2005!

Rule Of Cuteness Number 1: Putting a paw up is cute.

“This is Marty!” -Charles P.