[I just found this out here on the porch railing—I SWEAR—so I am gonna help myself!]

From Lucy B., who adds “Usually I give him crunchy peanut butter on a cracker but this was one of those small individual peanut butter packs, like jelly, that you get on the free breakfast buffet. Brought some back from beach and wanted to see what Mr. Squirrel would do with it. Loved watching him.”


unnamedThat was the desperate headline in Clark H.’s email. Clark, we’re happy to post your submeesh (picture credit to @WildlifeQLD ;) -just the second Quoll ever on C.O.!

Wally And The Watermelon

Now, doesn’t this sound like one of those books you got in school? You know, the ones from Scholastic Book Services? (New York, London, Sydney, Auckland. Or something like that.) In today’s video, Wally meets a watermelon and decides that it tastes pretty good. (Speakers UP for the Audible Nom Sounds.)

I Think He’s Saying, “I’ll Eat That”

Teddy Bear is back, and he brought his grabby hands with him. On the menu today: sweet potatoes! From DP&F.

Oh Nein Zu Süß (“Oh No Too Sweet”)

That’s what the video text says, and they’re right. So if you look a little more, you get “Nasenbär Elvis bekommt nicht genug kuscheleinheiten.” Punch up the ol’ Bing translator once more, and we have “Coati Elvis get cozy units not enough.”


Megan M. says “Saw this on HuffPost Thursday morning. Too Cute!”

Grabby Hands Paws

The Fabulous Fabio, doing what he does best: dangle them Grabby Paws.

photo (2)


photo (1)
From Bronwyn B.

Wassup, Walla-bebehs?

If The Official Internet Cute-O-Meter breaks, this photo will be held responsible.

Bebeh Swamp Wallabies, from Reddit.


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