…now can SOMEONE please get me a paper towel for all this formula?? It’s 5pm PT on a Friday, so let’s get some GIF ACTION going! (Photo from The Furrtographer, natch.)


Wombat Wednesday: Time For Your Morning Meelk

Boy, doesn’t take much to knock this guy out, does it?

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

So make sure to have plenty of meelk- it does a body good!

(No audio on this one. From FB; original video seen here at Point Of View Farm FB.)

Famous Amos

So…THIS is where my favorite cookies come from! Goats. Chocolate Chip cookies. Who knew?

“Hello! This is Amos, our 9 week old Mini-Lamancha goat. We think he’s pretty cute (especially with milk on his nose) and I’m hoping you will too. Thanks! Cole P.