Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Al!

“This is Mr. Charlie Farnsbarns, one of our many wild backyard residents. My Irish mother-in-law discovered and named him during a recent visit to see us in Simi Valley, CA. We took pictures of him for her to take back over the pond as a souvenir of her trip. Is there a Cuteness Rule for great big teethy smiles? [*Note: Nope. -Ed.] I think he’s smiling because my mother-in-law kept feeding him toast and pastry for breakfast!” -Erin H. (Pic by William G.)

[*PS- In case you’re the one person who doesn’t get the header. -Ed.]


Lisa G., Ya Got Any In-N-Out Burgers In This?

[Y’know, Animal Style? Doesn’t HAVE to be In-N-Out. Burger King, McDonalds, The Colonel, it’s all good to me!”] (It seems as though this Little Guy is in the mood for just about anything.)

Alaska 018
“Hi- this is from Denali NP in Alaska. Loved this little guy. Clearly he was used to eating Hoomin Food, or salt, or backpacks, but we didn’t feed him.”

Alaska 020
“Photos by me Lisa G. :). Love your site- keep up the great work!!”


From Cuteporter KB: “She’s a Pocket Gopher! Seriously that’s the real name. This sweet little one arrived at the California Wildlife Center in Malibu, California last night. She has an injury 😦 but they’re helping her get back on her feet. With carrots bigger than her head!”