Goldie Puppehs. First Swim Ever. Chaos.

Watch these little Squigglebottoms as they hit the pool for the very first time!

A Smedley find.

Needs More Cowbell Goldie

(From The Squid.)

Don’t Ya Just Hate It When…

…the ice cubes get stuck to your fur?


Had a Long Day, Andy?

We’ll just tuck in you in, right? Into your nice warm bed and…oh you’re going to collapse into your water bowl aren’t you right this very second isn’t that cute we’ll just watch this for over 5 minutes then OK?


Absolute, Total, 100% Nose Boop City

Clipboard01Nuthin’ but. (From the Gorgeous Goldens Twitter.)

This Post Certified 100% NBG*.



Look Very Closely…

How many Goldies do you see?


Game, Set And Match: Georges!

Last June, we showed you Georges The Golden Retriever all cranked up watching tennis…and soccer..and the NFL..and the NHL. Well, the tennis Australian Open finals are this weekend- and as you might expect, Georges is quite happy about that. Think he’s pulling for Maria Sharapova. (The Women’s Final is Saturday morning at 3am ET, zzzzz.)


This Kitteh has a more direct approach. See ball, nom ball.


What Do U Want For Lunch, Coco?

Some dog food? Or maybe we just head over to In-And-Out and have a couple of Animal Style Double-Doubles. Wait. What was that?

You want SPINACH? Well, blow me down.


I Wanna Get In The Little Box, Too!

[I just wants to play!!! How do I get IN there??]


[Original video here. -Ed.]


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