What Do U Want For Lunch, Coco?

Some dog food? Or maybe we just head over to In-And-Out and have a couple of Animal Style Double-Doubles. Wait. What was that?

You want SPINACH? Well, blow me down.


I Wanna Get In The Little Box, Too!

[I just wants to play!!! How do I get IN there??]


[Original video here. -Ed.]

What’s That Noise, Walter?

Walter is having the time of his life playing in the deep powder, but SOMETHING is MESSING with his HEAD. Get it, boy!!!

Charlie’s MAXIMUM Look Of Disapproval

unnamedYa really don’t see many puppehs with the Look, right? Well, meet Charlie, who is quite (un)happy to disprove that theory. Marissa W. says “I’d like to submit for cute consideration my pseudo-dog-in-law (boyfriend’s parent’s dog) Charlie, who is a girl Golden Retriever. She also goes by Chuck, Bob, and Charliepants. Photo by her dog-mom, Pam.”

A Dog…..And His Duckie

Max4994Sue A. sent this photo in, and we totally thank her for it. “Sweet 5 year old Max was turned in to Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue by his owners, who were moving. We quickly found him a loving new family, and you can tell by his blissful squint that his life is perfectly Duckie!”

(Le Sigh. What I wouldn’t give for a puppeh like this. -B.)

I Sure Love Me Some “Angry Birds”

[But can I get a little help here? Anybody?]

Meezy The Puppeh, from Alanna N.

ResQte Of The Week: Everything’s Cuter In Texas, Y’all

Goldies. Goldies. Goldies. Goldies. Goldies. Goldies.

Yeah. It’s like THAT.

“Allow me to introduce the new passle of Golden Puppies being fostered by Gold Ribbon Rescue out of Austin, Texas. Note the epic puppy pillow action and the head’s up action in the back. I dare you not to look at this picture and instantly relax. Also, GRR is an incredible organization that saves Golden Retrievers in central Texas. Very worthy of Cute Overload attention. Photo by D. Gunthert.” -Elise S.


You might not live in Austin, buuuuut maybe you know someone who does! If you know of a Cute Rescue we should know about, (hence the name ResQte) you know what to do.

We Would All Trade Places With This Guy–

..in less time than it takes to snap your fingers. WHO’S WITH ME?


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