Come On In! The Water’s Great!

…but I better not hear any of you guys peeing in the water! I mean it!

(Tastefully Offensive.)

♬ Saturday In The Park, I Think It IS The 4th Of July ♫

You can keep the fireworks, I’ll just hang out in the park with this LITTLE GOLDIE PUPPEH!

Presenting….THE DUDE

image5If there’s a Derpier Goldie out there, we don’t (yet) know about him/her. Folks, this is…THE DUDE. Ellen H. has the story:

“I wanted to introduce you to The Dude. He is still a puppy, and is going through training to become a therapy dog, cause making people smile is his fave.”

“Since he is named after a famous movie character (The Dude from The Big Lewbowski), and also since he can’t really talk, every photo of him on Instagram is matched with a movie quote.”

“The account was started in February and already as over 5,500 followers!”

[*Note- I can promise you that there will be a THE DUDE Trading Card. We’ve held back a photo for this. Book it, it’s done. -Ed.]






Bibby’s Best Day EVER

Suzanne B. sent us this video of Bibby The Goldie rolling around in the grass, on top of her toy. We should ALL have days like this.

Needs More Cowbell

But overall, a pretty good effort. Should be showing up on iTunes™ anytime now. (Don’t forget to click the speaker icon lower right, to hear the audio.)

Andrew Y.- branching out from Rocketnews- found this on Rabbithole.

What’s Better Than A Golden Retriever?

image_2TWO of them, naturally.’s their birthday! Say hello to Boomer and his brother Chauncey, (your guess as to who is who) who just celebrated Birfday Number Two. Photos from Elle W.








Oh Come ON and Play Wit’ Me, Goggie!

The rambunctious (is there any other kind?) little kitteh Flea wants to create some havoc with Cosmo, and all ol’ Cos wants to do is just sit there.

National Puppeh Day: How A Lazy Goldie Plays Fetch

Why do all the work if the hoomin will do it for you, right? #NATIONALPUPPYDAY

Lazy Goldie playing fetch. - Imgur
Spotted by Arne.

Bring Bring, Sandy!

Why hire a dog walking service to walk your dogs if you’re too busy! Just give Sandy The Goldie a call- unless she’s out walking her step-brother Little Ringo.


Dad, Are These YOUR Slippers?

image[‘Cuz I’ve been keep them warm for you. Or I might have thrown up in them. One of those.]

(Moonie, from Denise G.)


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