Wish It Was Springtime Yet?

We got awhile to go, though. It’s just January 6th! In the meantime, mesmerize yourself with some Goldie In A Hammock Action!


Someone’s Feeling Tie-Tie

[Hello there. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Say, can I talk to you about Solar Panels for your home?] (Imgur/Reddit.)

Ultimate Goldie Matchingks!

What’s better than one Goldie? Two of ’em, naturally. And don’t forget Rule of Cuteness #7: “A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.”

“Jager (big boy) and his pal JD (puppy)..photo taken by Stephanie R., owner.”

Precious Jewels

With the names these guys have, they ABSOLUTELY qualify as precious gems. “Meet Garnet and Opal! They are Golden Retriever/English Golden Retriever puppies,” say Rusty & Jen. (Click below images for C.O. Super-Size™!)

unnamed (2)
Photographed by Penny.

“Hey Honey, Can You Help Bring In The Groceries?”

(Yells across living room:) “I’m watching the baseball playoffs! Already got it handled, the guys are on it.”


Befuddled, Bothered And Bewildered

[I don’t know why Bugs Bunny likes these things. This is driving me crazy!]

Now THERE Is Some Side-Eye Action

As far as I am concerned, this puppeh can have WHATever it wants, WHENever it wants. Bacon? You want bacon? Coming RIGHT up. (Imgur/Reddit.)

Goldie Face Plant Action!

This Derpy Little Dude is happy to play fetch- but he hasn’t quite mastered the coordination part just yet.

Tubs Я Us

It’s the end of the week. Time to ease..back…in the Jacooz for a little R N R.

Then again, maybe the tub gets you just a bit TOO WOUND UP.

Both Video 1 and Video 2 from Mashable.

I Will Take Care Of You, Little Friend

Arne sent this one in from Imgur/Reddit. Apparently a little kitteh was abandoned by its mom, and this Goldie stepped right in. #WAYTOGO