You Haz My Teddy Bear Maybe?

[Is it here? No. Is it here? No. O HAI here it is! WHEW. C’mon, TB. We’re outta here.]

(Laughing Squid.)


So Why Don’t They Use Ball Doggies?

You know, instead of Ball Boys and Ball Girls? Whatevs. Across The Big Pond, it’s time for Wimbledon. Georges The Goldie Puppeh can’t wait! (He prefers chasing Slazenger tennis balls, BTW.)

(Er, it seems he also follows..the World Cup.)

And the NFL.

AND….the NHL.

Ice, Ice, Baby!

This is BEYOND ALL COMPREHENSION. A Pile O’ Goldies Nomming Ice Cubes.

And will you look at the FAVE FRAME™? Here’s one of their teammates that’s gone offline and they’re just steppin’ right ovah him like NO BIGGIE.

Jonathan H. with the send-in.

Having A Tough Monday? (Updated!)

THIS will brighten things up. LIVE. GOLDEN. RETRIEVER. PUPPIES. (If the stream is off air, you get a taped playback. Which ain’t too bad either.)

Live streaming video by Ustream
From Cuteporter Suvi.


According to Cuteporter Holly, the puppehs were moved over the weekend. But she suggested these Great Dane Puppehs instead: “They’re pretty darned adorable.” You’re pretty darned correct. We tried to embed it, but they won’t let us. So here’s the link!


Goldies Frollicking In A Punkin Patch

The ‘Tocks. Random Romping. The Nomming. The Puppeh Breff. #Outrageous.

From the mighty Erin “fluffy rays of sunshine” M. @ HoopLaHa.

THIS JUST IN: Goldie Overload ACTION

From the Who Knew? file- there’s a Golden Retriever Festival in Scotland!

Ah, we missed out! It wuz last month @ Guisachan Estate, Tomich, Invernesshire, Scotland. (Muttering: ‘Must find on Google Maps & book airfare for 2014…’)



o-GOLDEN-900 (1)

o-GOLDEN-900 (2)
Photos by Gordon Richardson. Thanks to Cuteporters Tamara H., Christine K. and Sofia C.

Name This Goldie Puppeh, People!

thumb(Warning: These photos are simply off-the-scale QTE. We advise sitting down when viewing. Don’t look at these on your phone while jogging, or you’ll hit a pole. OK, let’s proceed.)

BRAND NEW GOLDIE PUPPEH ALERT! Cuteporter Josh sent us these, and he could use YOUR help. His Goldie Furball needs a name. We can do this, can’t we, People? Hit those comments hard with suggestions! Speaking of comments, here are Josh’s with each photo. Take it away, J.

UPDATE 1 From Josh, just in:
“I’ve been reading the comments. Lots of great suggestions in there! I think I’m going to go through all the comments in detail when I’m home from work tonight and make a list of my favorites! Thank you for getting this posted. I’ll send you more pics and videos once I pick him up!”

UPDATE 2: We have some video. It’s, well, swell. Clickee.


Hi there! I recently went to pick out my first dog ever – a Golden Retriever! This little guy is who I picked out!


Thought you might enjoy the photo sequence my friend took of me getting a puppy kiss!


They were born May 7th, so that’s too young to bring home- I’m waiting until he is 8 weeks old.


The pups are in Atlanta but I live in Florida.


I’ll be road-tripping to Atlanta with a friend to pick up The Furball then driving back with him.


I’ve always wanted a Golden Retriever!


I work at a camera store….


…..and he’ll be with me at work keeping my feet warm every day!

Josh has also promised photos/video when he heads up to we’ll get a SEQUEL!

Animal Reflections: 2 of 3

The more time you spend with your relatives, the more you catch yourself mirroring their behavior. It’s kinda neat until you realize you’ve picked up Uncle Joe’s annoying habit of licking himself at the dinner table.

Jax and Piper are presented to us by Ashley Jordan, who says, “These are my parents’ [Paul and Judy] Goldens. They are half-brother and sister. They did this on their own and without being posed.”