Nuthin’ Like A PB&J For Breakfast!

Ah, the heck with the J part, says Stephie The Goatster- just gimme the PB!!

A video by the Manning River Farm Animal Sanctuary.

C’mon, Give It All Ya Got!

Jus’ rear back and let ‘er rip, little guy! Go!

From Elin N., Sweden. With thanks to, er, “Dangerous Dave.”

[Note: Facebook videos tend to act wonky. If you have a problem viewing, lettuce know and we will pass onto the C.O. IT department AKA WordPress. -Ed.]

Goin’ Home To The Place That He Belongs

Dateline, Grass Valley, CA.: People, prep the Kleenex, you’re gonna need it.

Mr. G. The Goat and Jellybean The Burro were rescued after years of living together, but went to two different rescue places. Mr. G. missed Jellybean terribly.

So they were reunited.

Spotted by Smedley Angel Fish. More at Like the song? It’s called “Home,” and it’s on The iTunes.

Frostie The Snow Goat: A Jolly Happy Soul

We’re used to Japan blowing the lid off The Cute, but just when you least expect it, here comes Edgar’s Mission from Down Undah to steal the show.

And steal it they DO; this is Frostie The Snow Goat! Good grief. Take it away, Kyle B.

“A couple of days ago a little goat arrived – Frostie The Snow Goat – who has joint navel disease which limits the use of his back legs because of a buildup of gunky stuff and swelling in the joints. We need to keep him active and actually lent him Leon Trotsky’s cart to get around in and it is working wonders.”

[NOTE 1: Watch for the tail wagging.]

[NOTE 2: Update 11:25am PT: More photos added!]








[I know you’re staring at ‘em.

I get that a lot.]

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