Cuddle Puddle!

OK TOTALLY BIG DEAL: My husband and I were out in the Fraser Valley over the weekend. We visited a dairy. It is Spring. THERE ARE BEBEH GOATS! We found this cuddle puddle sleeping amongst one of the feeding areas.” -Christi Y.

Photo credit: Martin G.

This Is Called “Pushing The Puppeh Envelope”

Mr. McGoatersons is gonna see JUST how far he can (literally) push the puppeh, to get a reaction.

From Triple V.

Flashback Friday

Who says chariots were only pulled by warfaring, Apollonian horses given to fiery names? Meeehhh?

Via Caprine Capers Facebook.

Butter Icing, Anyone?

“Her name is Butter Icing, and she’s the most pregnant goat in the world and she will whup your BUTT in a staring contest. I think I’ve watched this video eleventy-gagillion times so far.” -Marla C.

And the Employee-of-the-Month is…

Mr. Overachiever! AGAIN!

“AWWW!!!! A baby goat kid, recovering from listeria…being protected by its “pyr guardian”. MELTS MY HEART.” -From the Facebook page of, Joyful Noise CKC Great Pyrenees!

Winds Gusting From The West…No, From The East…

1614263_10152638243670130_1633134400_o[I'd say winds 10 mph, gusts up to 20. 'Bout right, eh? A windy day for sure here at Edgar's Mission. They always send me out to check the wind direction, mate. I wonder why? Who? Flying Nun? Nah, nevah heard 'o her, nope.]

This is Sheldon, from Edgar’s Mission Facebookster.

[Note: We nose there are no hovers on the larger feature photos: we's working on it. -Ed.]

Maaaaaa of La Mancha

12663439643_e5b0a55c67_zThe La Mancha Goat? What in blue blazes is a La Mancha Goat? Is it one of Don Quixote’s sidekicks? Maaaaaybe. The La Mancha is the only breed of dairy goat developed in the United States. Well, huh. Their milk is high in butterfat. Mmmmbutterfatmmm. And, they’re known for having tiny, “gopher” or “elf” ears! Squee!

Now surely there is some mistake. It’s a goat, it must be La Muncha.

“These are hours-old LaMancha girls, our first babies of the season! Suffice it to say, my work has suffered since they have arrived. I work at Broken Shovels Farm, a micro-dairy in Henderson, CO. Every person who works here is committed to ethical treatment of farm animals and the belief that every single animal should receive the same high level of care, no matter their purpose.” -Amber H.

Here’s How To Put A Little Spring In Your Step

Or, in your, er, hoof. First, get one of these backyard sproingy things. Then, become a goat.

Sent in via Carrie and Jennifer B. (P.S. no sound on this video- no need to adjust your settings or anything.)

Flashback Friday

Interspecies snorgling, 1940s style!

Worry Wart, the cat, and Pest, the goat, taking a break on the back porch in Melrose, New Mexico, 1943. Photo by Lois M. via Vintage Pets.


We’ve seen a lotta redonk Christmas-outfit animuhls this month–but this Little McGoatersons may just top ‘em all.

Found and submitted by Janet G.