So Much for Our Grand Entrance

“All right, everyone, places please! Corgis, enter when you hear the drum roll and watch that first step. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd…”

Kitten on the Keys

Is this what they mean when they say “playing by ear”?

Hat Trick

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we present The Amazing Hedgeini, the mystifying reappearing, then re-disappearing hedgehog!

Goats Away!

Ladies and gentlemen,
Take my advice.
Make like this goat
And slide on the ice.

♫ Bun-Bun-Bun-Buuuuuuunnnn… ♫

And now, Vladimir Hareowitz will perform Ludwig van Bunnthoven’s beloved piano sonata, Fürry Elise.

Meanwhile, at Radiant Inner Pain Yoga Center…

“I see you’re having trouble with the ‘Karma Pretzel’ pose — Here, let me show you how it’s done.”

The Amazing Kit-T-Sauna™!

Simply insert your kitty, close the flaps, and watch the pounds melt away as if by magic!

Just, um, Checking Your Tutu, Ma’am

There’s been a mysterious wave of tutu thefts in this area and I, ah, wanted to make sure yours is still safe. Which it is. Yup. Plain as day, safe and sound. Right where you left it.

Classic Rule 32 action!

Two Cups of Bunny, Please

I think I need to get twice as twitchy this morning.

Remember, We Are a Lady

“It’s right foot over left… no, left over right… except after Labor Day… erm…

“Eh, heck with it. Just be yourself.”



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