Meanwhile, at Yoga Class…

“OK, are you in? Now I think what I’m supposed to do is roll you around, and that’s going to realign your chakra, or something like that.”


Oddball in the Corner Pocket

Chalk it up to a stroke of genius: When this snookered cat needs a break, he comes in right on cue and runs the whole table — er, I mean living room.


Attack ON the Killer Tomatoes!

Just goes to show you, peeps: When Earth is overrun by enormous not-actually-vegetables-but-really-fruit from another galaxy (oh, and it’s coming, believe me), your only hope will be an army of sproinging kitties.


Don’t Eat the Brown Kelp, Man

This stuff’s got me tripping out, baby. The whole room is, like, spinning…


News Updates from the Exciting World of Competitive Eating

Due to budget constraints, contestants at the 24th annual Cracker Eating Contest in East Blayvin, CT were reduced to eating one cracker apiece. After a photo finish failed to determine the winner, first, second and third place were awarded by drawing straws, which the contestants also ate.


We’re All Li’l Bub!

Li’l Bub, the Internet sensation, is now taking over the real world as well! Soon, everyone will be Li’l Bub: your boss, your best friends — even you!


Cuteness Drill!



‘Sup, Broseph?

Have a primo day at work, bud. I’ll just chill and mind the crib, yo.


Ow. Quittit.

Ow. Quittit.
Ow. Quittit.
Ow. Quittit.


Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

With this dog, it’s always baroo o’clock.


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