Welcome To the Himalayas!

You ain’t seen nothin’ Yeti!


The World of… The Future!

Need a lift in the future? Just hop aboard the fully-automated Skatetronics Transport System, and enjoy door-to-door convenience day or night.


On Second Thought, No

Its kind of chilly out there today, so let’s give walkies a miss, mmmnkay?

If You’re Batty and You Know It…

… flap your ears!


Well, I Got My Christmas Wish

Mmmnnn, yesssss. And when you boys are done here, one of you can mix me an appletini before I go in for my pedicure.

On Your Mark, Get Set, FAIL

Via Reddit.

Oh Well, Two Out of Three

For some dogs, everything is a fetch toy… but one dog says “snow way.”

Via Reddit.

Live from the International Slapfighting Semifinals!

… and as we begin round two, it’s clear that the American, Cliff McBleargh, is simply no match for the superior skill and aggressiveness of reigning champion Jacques Blacque of East Pugistan…

Via Reddit.

A Message From Your Carpool Alliance

Steve is a claims adjuster. His neighbor Rex guards a junk yard. Every workday, this unlikely duo spare the air by commuting together. If they can do it, so can you! Carpool today!

Via RocketNews24 and Andrew Y.

Feel the Burn!

Awright! I want to see a solid ten seconds this time! Make your mama proud, maggot! Five more seconds! No whimpering, that’s for sissies! Two seconds! Aaaaaand… Waytago, hit the shower, champ.


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