Family Outing

[Hey! Kids! Walk around that storm sewer. Hop up here with the rest of us- Dairy Queen is just one more block down the road.]


ULTIMATE ResQte Of The Week IV

From Down Undah last time around, up to the Great White North. Ya won’t believe it. A mom and her six Bebeh Geese were on the roof of the Calgary Outdoor Centre, and wanted to get down. Well, that’s a problem if you don’t FLY yet. So some students quickly set up some mats for them to land on!

Super C.O. Thanks to Chloe L.!


They were all quietly sitting there…and then………THE LAUNCH! (You just know SOMEone got pooped on…like the lady at the end.)

(Very) Happy Dance!

Turn up the speakers to get some Quality Honking Action:

Video by PacoKart9000, easily the best YouTube ID we’ve seen today.