Check Out This Chrome “Pug-In”

This is REDONK. If you use the Google Chrome browser, install this plug-in– go to any site with a photo, and then click the plug-in’s logo on your browser bar.

Voila! Instant Pugs. (Refreshing the page makes ’em disappear, but who wants to do that?)

Perfect for National Dog Day. From Cuteporter Kevin M. Headline idea totally stolen from


RIP To Doug Engelbart

The inventor of the computer mouse has passed away.

Encore Presentayshe of Snickerdoodle from Teajay.

They’re Doing WHAT 2 Google Reader?

Geeks and kittehs everywhere are up in arms paws about this- today’s the day it shuts down.

“You ran a photo of Bubble when he was a little kitty, with his buddy Lola. This is him now, he has become very serious, hard at work!” -Julie S.

Have Some Pi, Little Guy

Today happens to be Pi Day! In Geek Speak, “Pi is the ratio of circumference to diameter of a circle. Today is Pi Day since the date and the first three digits in the equation (3.14) match.” (And there’s no Google Doodle today for this?)

This fellow doesn’t care about any of that. He just wants his punkin pi.

Photo from the Interwebs.