I got the skillz to PAY THE BILLZ, Baby

Honey, I got skills I don’t even KNOW ABOUT yet.



This is an Olympic moment, Natalie C…. ;)

Poopers Anonymous

Dewds, this is like the Post Secret of poop-eating pups.

Poor "Taffy" (ew! the visuals!!!) the poop-eater. May she (gack) triumph over her addiction (more gaaaacking)


Robyn K. P.A. has meetings in every major town across the country. Worked for moi.

THIS JUST IN: Prosh blob crosses sidewalk

Check out the little feets action and undulay-shons.

MVI_0894 Originally uploaded by atomicthumbs

Delectabuhl kitteh gets slurping of a lifetime

Dog: You look kitteh-flavored.
Kitteh: Um! [quakes in stubbular boots]


Dog: Indeed! Quite delectabuhls!
Kitteh: [bats at lip curtains]


Heh, I like the term ‘lip curtains’, don’t you Johanna S.?

A very [Ahem] Special Valentine

Um, Thanks.


DIanna L., I hope you accepted the offer. Pretty unique er, delivery.

Bashful mantis leaves a present

Sender-Inner Lorel J says: "Earlier this year I hatched 3 praying mantis egg cases (insert comment about sitting on them).  Finally a grown-up one found me. I don’t flatter myself that it came to thank me for the gift of life, but it did leave me a little present, albeit unintended.[see CU with circled gifty-poo, also attached]Guess he was nervous, poor guy.  Probably soothed himself by chawing on a ladybug."


Nicely done, Lorel! Nice circling on the perpe, too. I like how the mantis arms are up in a bashful posishe, with head tilt.


Yay for poops and manti.


Learn how to make a free, fun, cat toy for your cat to enjoy, and for YOU TO HURL ON!

OMG, please tell me this guy is not for reals.

There is only one thing to say here: "Grossatating!"

Oh, and nasty, Doradoradorabora. Seriousleh. Zack Scott, points for creativity tho.

Hon, you cleaned the rasberries, riiiiight?

‘Cause if I find any snailios on there, I’m gonna WIG OUT, MAN!




Snailio Iglesias strikes a-gin. I think I see another mini snailio on thar too—do you, Jennifer?


California Snailiomobile Association agent Snailio Iglesias, here, showing you the VERY BEST of the San Francisco Bay. [Antennae swing around to show map]

On your tour, we’ll trail thru Muir Woods compost piles, slither the bay bridges and slowly go down Lombard street. If we have time, we’ll go to Tiberon for Snailgaritas on the deck—no salt, of course…


Iris L., you and Snailio make sweet (but, um, slow) tour guides.

Um, noooooooooot appropriate.

You two really need to quit with these Displays of Affection.

It’s like, embarrassing.


Caught them in a compromising posishe, huh, Jennie J.? With names like "Little Boo" and "Fluffmeister" I would not have expected this…


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