Japan Coulda Used This Guy In The World Cup

He shoots he boogies, he scores!

[*Note: Watch the volume level on this video- it’s pretty loud. -Ed.]

(Tastefully Offensive.)


Congrats To The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team!

They defeated Germany today 2-0 and will play the winner of tomorrow’s Japan/England match on Sunday for the Women’s World Cup title!

Caturday: He Shoots, He Scor-NOOOO! A GREAT Save!

[*Note: if you have your speakers up, the announcer loses his mind. -Ed.]

The goalkeeper crouches in front of the net, tense as a….cat. He waits for the penalty kick, and here it comes and WOW WHATTA MIRACULOUS SAVE!


OK, That’s A Wrap For The USA In The WC

As the entire planet knows, the USA lost in The Big Soccer Thing over in Bra-zeel. Gave a great effort, didn’t happen, seeya in four. OK. These guys should try out for the USA squad next time they have tryouts, though. “Tofu, Gertie and Cristiano Ronaldo (well, two out of three) demonstrate soccer’s fiercest moves,” says Annie C.