ResQte Of The Week 3: HEY! Over HERE!

This kitteh is now at Animal Care & Control in San Francisco. “She’s looking for a home in San Francisco. I think her name is Diana,” says The Furrtographer.


THIS JUST IN: Operation Chihuahua!!!

JUST IN from The Furrtographer:

This week I had the pleasure of being involved with a Chihuahua airlift from San Francisco to New York, and it was amazing! I’ve been a volunteer photographer for a few years now with San Francisco’s municipal shelter, Animal Care & Control, and they set up the program years ago with ASPCA in New York and Virgin America. This time around we transported 12 chihuahuas across the country in order to help them find homes on the East Coast, where small dogs are hard to find. We had a great time, and were ushered along the way with the help of the amazing Boo as well as Frida, the dog mayor of San Francisco! Here are the photos I took of this magical day!

[*Note: Operation: Chihuahua from November of 2013 here. -Ed.]











24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 2:20pm PT

What could be better on 24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day than a BONUS HOUR post with a six-pack of Kitteh Cuddlers, c/o The Furrtographer? Well, not much. Oh…maybe a 1963 Aston Martin DB5 painted in Silver Birch. But that would be all.




TKR_11_23_2013 (16)-XL

TKR_12_7_2013 (16)-XL

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…

TGIF: Henry

The end of a long week…at last! Relax and celebrate the start of the weekend with Henry, who lives in San Mateo, CA.



Pix from The Furrtographer.

ResQte Of The Week: Furrtographer Files, Vol. II

Last week, we presented the first installment of “Furrtographer Faves” for ResQte Of The Week, ’cause, well, we liked the name- how the F and F go together. Today we present part II! (It’s “Files” now, though.)

First up, we have a Black Kitteh (above) named Ferdinand, and the Tortie below is named Stockton. Ferdy was born with eyelid agenesis. According to Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco, his eyes are healing well after surgery. He is extra playful, has a big, loud purr and will be a large, robust hunk of a cat!

SGR says Stockton “is from a Stockton animal shelter and arrived here at 4 weeks of age with lumbar spine trauma. She’s adorable, playful and loving. The only extra care she needs is bladder expressions. She gets around and even climbs cat trees since her hind legs do move. It’s her lumbar spine muscles that are weak.” Both of ’em are at SG, right now, as in today! If you know someone in the area who wants a ResQte Kitteh, forward them the link to this post!


Got Time To Help A Furrtographer Out?

We’ll let Josh N. tell the story. (He doesn’t know we’re posting this, BTW. We snagged this off his FB.)

“Hey everyone – can you PLEASE help me out if you have a second? I need you to vote for me in the Beast of the Bay awards! I know it’s a PITA, but if you would be so kind please do the following:

1. Go here.
2. Scroll to question #43
3. Type “The Furrtographer”
4. Click through to the end.
5. Feel good about yourself for helping me!


TGIF: Guinevere

Original photo of Guinevere at San Francisco Animal Care & Control by The Furrtographer, who will be assisting C.O. on something Grumpy next Saturday. (Whoops: did I just say that out loud?)

ResQte Of The Week III: Furrtographer Faves

The Furrtographer’s been busy! Most of these guys are available now (except for Nicolette above and Rudolph, the #2 photo- the hovers have their names) at the San Francisco Animal Care & Control.

As always, though you probably don’t live nearby, maybe you know someone who does!







The Furrtographer’s Gif-tastic Kitteh #2

As promised earlier, we present The Furrtographer’s Gif-tastic Kitteh #2!

The Furrtographer’s Gif-tastic Kitteh #1

And of course this means that sometime today, there will be a Furrtographer Gif-tastic Kitteh #2!