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Excerpt of Rose McGowan interview…

Q: Do you dwell into the dark side a lot?             

A: No.                         

Q: Really?             

A: Not at all. I think things are… in fact I was just telling my publicist about this website, cuteoverload.com, that’s my favorite. It’s just all cute animals and puppies and miniature horses. I have a bursting huge file on my desktop of just cute baby animal photos.


Q: Yeah. I would have just thought, you know, gothic stuff…             

A: I’ve never been gothic in my life, it’s hilarious. No, no, no. Cute baby puppies, and I spend hours perusing baby Boston Terriers on-line. 

-Excerpt from Joblo.com interview

Rose, this one is for you, via sender-inner Kristin D.:


And behold, the top mag on my nightstand…


4_1Dewds, I don’t know what is going on with the site, but it’s slower than Snailio Iglesias. You can almost hear the site go: “ehn! ehn! ehn!”

We’re working on a solushe and hope to be back and speedy in no time. In the meantime, I suggest getting a fresh cup of coffee while the page loads. 😉


Mo’ votin’!

What is going ON!?It’s like voting season all over the place.There is only one thing left to do. And that is to VOTE VOTE VOTE!

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My site was nominated for Best Blog of All Time!

Say it with me — STOAT

Votin_n_stoatin_bleeped_2Vote vote vote!

Like a baby stoat

stoat stoat stoat

cast a leetle vote!

Vote! Cute Overload for People’s Voice at the WEBBY’S!

In the "Weird" category



// EDIT — OK OK, just this ONCE.  Wouldn’t want to sound unprofeshe.
Original version still available here!  – Theo //



We were nommed for a Webby today, People. in the :

[Dahn-Duhn!] Weird! category!

Woo to the hoo, People! As soon as the voting opens up, you bet we’re gonna list the hecky out of those links, so you can get on your vote like a baby stoat.

//Correction: the form letters looked the same to me! it said ‘Honoree’ not ‘Nominee’ for Blog cultural/personal. My [embarrassing] bad -Ed //

Happy Spring, People

whoa—things just got a lot more colorful around here—holy green grass.

Happy Spring 😉

XO, C.O.


Just what is over that hill?





I’d like to thank all the kittens that made this possible. Oh, and Chief Sister Officer for editing all the photos.

Don’t git farked again! [sing in Roger Daltrey voice]

Exxxxxcellent_2Those clever, clever Farkers have FARKED US AGAIN!

Seems the Mr. Burns Hedgehog caught their eye for a Photoshop contest.

Check it out!

C.O. ❤ Fark

Here is my Fark submission:


With apologies to Matt Groening, natch.  And, um, Roger Daltrey.

Holy Venn diagrams!

Where oh where on the blogging spectrum does C.O. fall in the four shperes of audience reaction? In the "Lust" category? nyerhe. In "Indignation"? nyerhe!

According to Valleywag, we’re planted firmly in the "Affirmation" sphere! (But dangerously close to ‘outrage’!)


Nice submishe, Das Hajjen!