Update: C.O. mailbox is open again

Filing_done_5  With all our filing done, you may now send in your attachements to the Cute O. Gmail box. It took many kittens and Cuteologists™ to file all your fine submissions, but it’s finally done. Thanks for your patience, and fee free to send away!

Yes, he gets paid a reasonable wage.


The C.O. mailbox is full

Dudes, the gmail mailbox is full (with over 4500 terrific mails to go thru!). We’re cleaning it out now. You can still send links, but attachments are too moishe to handle at the moment. I’ll holler back when we can receive your fine submissions again!


Vote and we’ll send you a brand new puppy


Greetings, all.  Sparkster here.  This is the first post the wife has let me do and of course it’s only to shamelessly beg you all to vote for Cute Overload in the 2006 Bloggies!  The voting booth closes in less than two hours (10PM EST), so get your vote on!

The 2006 Bloggies

(Oh, and that was my "green" head in the Rufus picture. I had a t-shirt over my eyes to keep out the light.)

Added a Tip Jar

Server_bills_1Hi Peeps,I added a Tip jar, because our server bill is going to be in the gazillions of dollars. The traffic for this site is officially Out Of Control™ and we’re looking into ways to serve up The Cuteness™ in the future. Al Gore and I are working on it. Please consider the tip jar, but only if you’ve had impeccable service ;)Thank you,Meg

From the desk of: The CI Security Department

Animalpeopledogpolicewallfrisk_1Cute Industries (CI) has a 27-step verification process to ensure you get not only the most adorable, but most scientifically valid Cuteness™ on the Internet. Yet despite the hundreds of highly trained Cuteologists, massive verification process, and ISO-9001 certification, sometimes we make mistakes. Today, just such a mistake occurred. A person by the name of “Kelly Harrod-Lui” submitted a picture of a mouse ostensibly caught in a toner cartridge claiming the photos came from her office. During step 13, one of our patented Cuteness Fraud alarms was tripped. Special Agent Ivana Tinkle, a member of the CI Investigative Department, contacted the submitter and determined the submission was indeed valid and the submission proceeded through the process. The NSA identity verification during step 27 passed and the post was released January 12, 2005 at 19:11:03 PM PST.It was a fraud.Fortunately, our ever vigilant Cute Overload Army quickly caught the deception and notified us. The CI Emergency Response Team was immediately activated and the offending information was sanitized. Coincidentally, Special Agent Tinkle was found dead late tonight, having accidentally choked to death on 2,500 Marshmallow Peeps. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ivana and her family.Cute Industries would like to offer our sincere apologies to Campagna, McGroarty, kelly, Uriel, Chell, liquidnight, kat, suzy, benjamin, Vale and any other members of the Cute Overload Army who might have been traumatized by this incident. And whereever that Cliff-Claven-voiced mouse is, may he rest in peace.We salute you,The Cute Overload Security Department

Sorry folks, Big Issues with the Blog

As you can see below, none of the recent images are posted. They should be restored by this weekend. Did someone pull the plug over at TypePad? Don’t be hatin’!