W00t! Great idea, E to the C…



It’s the real Real World!

Hey creator Jill Beale! WHEN IS EPISODE 1? WE CAN’T WAIT!

This ferret is sad due to lack of posts

[Looks up tenatively]

Why so few posts in the last 2 days?



Sorry guys… you know how it is with work and shizzle… Thanks for the Ferrle, Beth M.

Submissions back open!

Think you have a cute photo, Punk? [Clint Eastwood voice] If you think it fits our seriously stringent requirements, send it to us. We just might post it! But if we don’t, it’s really for the best [patting your back.]

Handy tips:
• Don’t forget to attach the photo [Almost half of sender-inners forget]
• No, I won’t tell you what the ‘seriously stringent requirements’ are, Punk!
• Don’t bother to send in your baby, no one wants to see him/her as cute as he/she is
• Also consider submitting your photo to CuteTracker for the People to vote on!
Put a "stamp" on it when you "mail" your "letter"! (J.K.)


Thanks, Frank!



The Washington Post, Web Watch Dept.

Dear Mr. Frank Ahrens,
A thousand thanks for your glowing review of Cute Overload in today’s Washington Post. What a nice surprise. Since your favorite part of the site is the Hedgehog category, I post thees Hedgehog in your honor. And he’s not just any Hedger—it’s Numo, perhaps the most famous moist nosicle on the InterWebs.


Sincerely Yours,


Submission lines are open

Full_mailbox_1_1Hi Peeps, once again, the GMail box filled and has since been cleared. It’s ready to accept your submissions again. Sorry for the bouncebacks, and thanks for letting me know in your comments and emails!

Late posts today

Hey Peeps! I’ve been partyin’ it up in NYC, USA at the Webby Awards and it’s been a HOOT. I’ll be sure and post pics ASAP. Meanwhile, today and tomorrow’s posts are going to be short and sweet, People!
It doesn’t mean I love you any less.

Safari Issue – Follow Up

The Cute Labs have tested the new style sheet, and it appears to work in Safari now with the full three columns! If you’re using Safari, simply hit shift-[refresh button on browser] to see the amazing results!

SUPER HUGE PROPS to both Bunny Fiv3r and Mr. Nick O’ Neill (of Authentic Geek) for all their help making the three-column update happen.


Safari issue

Thanks all, for writing in with the Safari browser issue. Our new three-column layout is buggy in Safari and we’re tryin’ to fix her by this weekend. We know you want the full imagery! Stay tuned.

Today is the last day to vote vote vote…

P47_stoat…For the Webby’s People’s Choice!

This baby stoat just voted! Won’t you?

You muuuuuuust vote for C.O. for best Blog – Culture/Personal and, while you’re in there, vote for C.O. editor Sparky too, for The Reebok Shoe Customizer in Marketplace/Retail!


Baby Stoatenheimer thanks to the fine folks at Manaaki Whenua Research center.