No Mr. Bond, I Expect You To RIBBIT

Now is this an evil Bond villain look, or WHAT. (“My happy little fatty, Magdalena,” from Imgur/Reddit.)

[*Note: Blatant Bond plug- new DVD out Feb. 9. -B.]



Which one is gonna blink first? Hard to tell. “Larkyn is at it again with the animals on her face! I love how this little guy looks like he has his little hand on his chin.” -Joy.

Friday Haiku: Frogsters

Glub glub glub glub glub
Glub glub glub glub glub glub glub
Glub glub glub glub glub

(Telegraph, via Arne.)

ResQte Of The Week 2 (Frogster Edition)

Angela M. writes: “Our bedroom is in the basement of our house and the window well in that room is quite deep. I was sitting in bed reading the news and heard a small tap on the glass. I go to see what made that sound and this little guy is staring back at me! So I lifted him out of the window well to safety. Pictures taken by me!”



Friday Haiku: Frogster

Small on the sidewalk
That is the way this guy rolls
Click to Super-Size™


“Hi, Tammy again! I was recently in Florida to visit my sister and her backyard had lots of baby frogs. They were so tiny it was difficult to get any decent photos of them! Here are a few that turned out out okay, hope you enjoy:)” -Tammy L.

Headline THIS: “I Like Big Bugs And I Cannot Lie”

[*UPDATE 1:23pm PT– Sorry for the late update, the microwave torched my lunch. Oakley #FTW! -Ed.]

Annnnnnd…we’re back with another edition of our pupular feature, Headline THIS. Whip up your best headline in the comments section, and we’ll update with our fave about 1pm PT, bokay?
(And please, no “♬ Because I’m happeeeee ♫” ones.)

(Photo from Arbroath.)

Now THIS IS A Look Of Disapproval

Freddy Frogster wraps up the week for us here at C.O.! Now, many of you have a holiday Monday in the U.S., but we’ll be here for all your Cute Needs! ‘Nite everyone! (Photo from Imgur.)

Hi Ho Everybody!

No, that isn’t Kermit The Frog here- just somebody who looks a lot like him! Let’s find out more about the Glass Frogster, K? (Oh, and let’s not forget this VERY obscure Rule #24: “Suction cups for hands are cute.”

DID U KNOW™: Kermit’s eyes were made from ping pong balls?

#TBT: 11/13/07: Oh, Hey-Rohe WORLDE

“It’s moi, the prosh green blobule, At yer services!” [Looks around anxiously, hoping to land a job ’cause he’s got billz to pay.]


Big, Big World, originally uploaded by *Sakura*

Headline THIS: Pucker Up, Buttercup

Our latest Headline This! candidate comes courtesy of Rebecca S. What do you think Mr. McFrogster is saying (or ‘thought ballooning’) here? Post your header in the comments, and we’ll refresh this post at Noon PT with our fave.

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