Friday Haiku Too: TK

Little lost turtle
Ends up in a machine shop
Andrew saves his life

“Wednesday, one of my coworkers found a tiny turtle in the middle of our metalworking shop…1.25″ long. I found an old 3.5” floppy disk box to put him in so I could take him to the state park after work. I gave him a cap of water and a popcorn chip. My sister was able to ID him. My son called him “Turtle Kwong,” and TK was soon dropped off near a river at the state park.” -Andrew K.

[NOTE: Here’s what a floppy disk box looks like for the kids in the audience. -Ed.]

Friday Haiku: A Bug’s Life

If U look real close
You will find tiny cute bugs
Flitting here and there





From 123 Inspiration.

Friday Haiku: Bumpin’ Booties

Shake your groove thing, shake
Your groove thing yeah yeah, show ’em
How they do it now


First and second images from Pinterest. Also huge apologies to Peaches & Herb.

Friday Haiku: HoverPug™

He must go up steps
Looks like he is hovering
Like levitation

As seen on Boing! Boing!

Friday Haiku Too: Spring Shower

April showers bring
May pigs. Now, that doesn’t rhyme
But hey, no pig big deal


Friday Haiku: Snails

Most underrated
The Snail just creeps right along…
Minding his/her biz


ImageProxy (1)

ImageProxy (2)

ImageProxy (3)

ImageProxy (4)

ImageProxy (5)

ImageProxy (6)

ImageProxy (7)

ImageProxy (9)

Photos by Vyacheslav Mishchenko, as seen on 123 Inspiration. Sent in by LOTZ O’ Cuteporters, thank U!

Friday Haiku Too: Frogster

National Frog Month
Is all this month and we are
Tardy telling you

Penelope, from Reddit.

Friday Haiku: Pals

Pals come in all types
Big, small, short, tall, and sock-y
U can count on them

“This is my little girl Ally and her beloved sock monkey Lola.” -Linda G.

Friday Haiku: Nemo

‘Scuse me, thin green guy
Have you seen my son Nemo
He was in a film


Friday Haiku: Paper

I love all paper
It is fun when U touch it
Learned this from Maru


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