Friday Haiku Too: Caterpillar Crawl

It’s fashionable
To wear white Pre-Labor Day
Not so much after.

Taken Aug 24th in Philadelphia, PA. Photographer Laurie Z. From Lindy H.


Friday Haiku: Cozumel Crabs

Fun in Cozumel
Little Crabsters running wild
Not too bad a deal

photo 2

photo 4
From Tracie (“Crabs are Cute, right?”) T.

Friday Haiku: Oh DEER

Wee brown Deer Mousie
You are a cute little guy
Looking for berries?

(“While camping my hubby was chopping wood for the fire when he uncovered a family of wee little deer mice who were living in the woodpile. This little guy got left behind as they raced for cover. He was so amazingly Cute we just wanted to pick him up and snorgle him! Who could resist that face?” -Lynne H. from Colorado.)

Friday Haiku: Sqwerls

Trimming your yard’s trees?
Please hold off until later
If you see small sqwerls.

“It seems like just yesterday that we released the last of our spring baby squirrels but the fall baby season has already begun. If your trees need trimming, waiting until November or December is the best thing you can do for squirrel moms and the babies in their care…short of planting more trees, of course. Thanks for looking out for wildlife!” –California Wildlife Center FB.

Friday Haiku Too: Christine Takes Her Shot

“Tiny McSnailersons was almost baked into a red currant muffin the other day. Having escaped this fate, he acquiesced to posing for pictures, perfectly showing off Rule of Cuteness #14 in the process. I sense a Haiku just waiting to be composed here!” -Christine H.

So, we said to Christine, “Sounds great! Write it!” And here it is:

Tiny little snail
Your world gets picked for muffins
You bid farewell

Friday Haiku: Flutterby

Fluttering to me
The little gray flutterby
Is a quiet sort

From Laura A: “I’ve been a huge fan of your website for years, and whenever I’m in a bad mood I just scroll to C.O. and I always feel better!”

“As much as I love animals, I’ve never had the time to own one myself as I travel a lot…”

“…but I was at the DC tennis tournament last week and this little guy came and landed on me and crawled all over my hand and then my Kindle.”

“I have no idea what kind of moth/butterfly he is, but the eyes are just magnificent and his little antennae are adorable.”

“Thought I’d share in hopes that you found him as cute as I do!”


Friday Haiku: Snail Tales

Meet at the tree stump
We’ll swap tales and tell lies
Til the evening comes

“Hi, Here is a picture of some snails socialising* on a tree stump this morning in my garden in Thornton Heath aka ‘poor man’s Croydon.’ You may have heard of it on Crimewatch. [Nope. -Ed.]
Many thanks, Andy A.” [*British spelling alert! -Ed.]

Friday Haiku: Shell Game

Ham and the Hermie
Two best friends thru thick & thin
Even thru that shell



“Amelia is the ham and Sheldon is the hermie. They are besties.” -Erin C.

Friday Haiku: Hmmmmmmmm

Hummingbirds are cute
They can really fly quite fast
With pointy noses


Pix by Chris Morgan as seen on My Modern Met.

Friday Haiku: Mwah Ha Ha Ha Ha

Short, squatty and green
Looks lots like Doctor Evil
Pulls it off nicely