Friday Haiku: Helping Hand

He is a handful
A turtle or a tortoise
Can you tell which one?



Friday Haiku: Things Are Not What They Seem To Be

Gliding on water
Looks like a Mom Taxi post
But it isn’t one


Replacement Friday Haiku

(The earlier clip
Had some technical problems
Here is this puppeh)

(Mac, from Miguel B.)

Friday Haiku: I Haz Lawyer?

There comes a time when
You have no chance of escape
That time would be now


Friday Haiku: Ermine or Stoat?

Either name will work
The both like to vote vote vote
Whenever they can

[*Note- Speakers up, please. -Ed.]


Friday Haiku: Window Dreamin’

First time to see snow
A white winter wonderland
Too cold to go out

As seen on Love Meow, from Lisa J.

Friday Haiku: Sunny Side Up

Cuteness Rule Forty:
Sleeping in the sun is cute
We agree with that

“This is my dog Milo, who was featured on your site once before soaking up the sunshine from our living room. In this one I think he wants his tongue to be as toasty as the rest of him. Notice the overflowing toy box – he prefers sunbathing to playing. I took this picture.” -Paula.

Friday Haiku: Flying Squirrel

Flying Squirrels are cute
They zoom all over the place
This guy has jazz hands

“My cat brought in from outside a completely unhurt, and very angry, flying squirrel,” writes John S.

“I managed to catch him and after he realized I wasn’t going to hurt him, he decided my hand was the best place for him to curl up and sleep….”

“…and he is now back to his home! I did some quick research, determined his age and made sure he was old enough to fend for himself. Kept the cats in overnight as well just in case.”

Friday Haiku: Legos

Hard to take a nap
When Legos are left on me
Guess I will hide them

From Andrew B. on Flickr.

Friday Haiku: Gertie

Christmas is coming
Less than three weeks to go now
So wrap your puppehs

“This is Gertie, she’s a big fan of Christmas!” -Bailey C.