Friday Haiku: Flutterby

20140801_163513Fluttering to me
The little gray flutterby
Is a quiet sort

From Laura A: “I’ve been a huge fan of your website for years, and whenever I’m in a bad mood I just scroll to C.O. and I always feel better!”

“As much as I love animals, I’ve never had the time to own one myself as I travel a lot…”

“…but I was at the DC tennis tournament last week and this little guy came and landed on me and crawled all over my hand and then my Kindle.”

“I have no idea what kind of moth/butterfly he is, but the eyes are just magnificent and his little antennae are adorable.”

“Thought I’d share in hopes that you found him as cute as I do!”


Friday Haiku: Snail Tales

photoMeet at the tree stump
We’ll swap tales and tell lies
Til the evening comes

“Hi, Here is a picture of some snails socialising* on a tree stump this morning in my garden in Thornton Heath aka ‘poor man’s Croydon.’ You may have heard of it on Crimewatch. [Nope. -Ed.]
Many thanks, Andy A.” [*British spelling alert! -Ed.]

Friday Haiku: Shell Game

Ham and the Hermie
Two best friends thru thick & thin
Even thru that shell



“Amelia is the ham and Sheldon is the hermie. They are besties.” -Erin C.

Friday Haiku: Hmmmmmmmm

ChrisMorgan1Hummingbirds are cute
They can really fly quite fast
With pointy noses


Pix by Chris Morgan as seen on My Modern Met.

Friday Haiku: Mwah Ha Ha Ha Ha

DzPFydWShort, squatty and green
Looks lots like Doctor Evil
Pulls it off nicely


Friday Haiku: Bloop?

Tiny fish can swim
All day long and all night long
They need to breathe too

From @CuteEmergency.

Friday Haiku: Bat Fox

This is not a bat
Though the ears are similar
It is Jiffy Pop

From Jessica A.

UPDATED! Sprock’s Friday Haiku

Clipboard01You may have seen me
In a Yellow Submarine.
Look! I’m Peter Max.

Sprock wins with the Beatles reference AND Peter Max. Two 1960s icons in one haiku? #Win. But Oakley was close. Image from @AmazingAnimals.

Friday Haiku: She’s A Lady (Bug)

LadyHappyJust like Tom Jones sang
Whoa, whoa, whoa, she’s a lady**
And also a bug

“I came across this lovely lady while on a hike today. I think she (Lady Bugs are all ladies, right?*) looks like a happy little strawberry. Hope you can use it!” -Katy C.


** Had to cheat on the contraction– can’t mess with the lyrics. -B.

Friday Haiku Too: Tiny Is As Tiny Does, Sir

dj72YmfMollusks are quite cute
They are very small indeed
So watch where you step


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