Friday Haiku: Baby Can U Drive My Car?

No one’s said turtles
can’t drive an automobile
They just need small cars

“We saw this little snapper on a nature walk in the McMillan Marsh Preserve in Marshfield, WI.” -Cuteporter Missy S.


Friday Haiku: O, Rats!

Theo The Ratso
Sniffs gently in the still air
Thinks he smells dinner?

“I found this picture (by Flickrer Deanna W.) and I just had to share it. I don’t think rats get enough love, and that’s why I run this page, (shameless plug I know) so that people can see that rats are just as cute and loving as any other pet!” -Alice B.

Friday Haiku: Tiny Shells

Shells head for the sea
They know where they’re going to
With their GPS.

“This is a photo essay video done by my friend of some baby turtles making their way to the sea, here in Jamaica. He took these while on assignment for one of our local papers, which did a feature on the turtle hatchlings!” -Teri C.

Frogs Are Underrated

So here’s a WHOLE LOT OF ‘EM!













~ Le Creditos, as seen on My Modern Met ~

1. News Anchor by Lessy Sebastian.
2. Love Not War by Lessy Sebastian.
3. Double Decker by Lessy Sebastian.
4. Gymnastics Bars by Lessy Sebastian.
5. Peek a Boo by Shikhei Goh.
6. Taichi Master by Shikhei Goh.
7. Kungfu Frog by Shikhei Goh.
8. Mission: Impossible by Nicolas Reusens.
9. 3 Beers Please by Roger Meerts.
10. Lazy Days by Angi Wallace.
11. The Lovers by Nicolas Reusens.

Friday Haiku: Constantine And Cordelia

O caterpillar
Your name has four syllables
Tough to Haiku



“As I was contemplating the wilderness of weeds in my garden, I saw these two chubby caterpillars chowing down. I named them Constantine and Cordelia. They are so pleasingly plump with little round feets, and I can almost hear the nomming as they gleefully stuff themselves. They’ll be Eastern Black Swallowtail butterflies when they’re all grown up.” -Mari.

Friday Haiku Too: Nautilus

Small Nautilus dude
Curled up in his own lil’ world
Never gets much pub

Spotted on ZooBorns.

Friday Haiku: From Jørpeland With Loff

“Brother took this pic
When I was in Jørpeland.
Cute enough to post?”

From Holland’s Marije S.

Friday Haiku Too: Mouse

Nom nom nom nom nom:
The Swiss mouse’s daily routine
‘Til he is all full

Photo by Etienne F., as seen on Mail Online.

Friday Haiku: Snailing, Takes Me Away

Snails are small and slow
They deserve their own Haiku
Title from Chris Cross


From Benjamin W.’s Flickr, taken with a Nikon D3100 in Stoneygate, Leicester, England, GB.

Friday Haiku: Turtles

Four bebeh turtles
Headed out for a sea splash
No life preservers?

One more from IB. Photo from Chris Johnson.