Friday Haiku: Silly Seal

Seal Floating Thru Kelp
Has A Big Smile On His Face
And Looks Real Blorpy

From Cold Water Images.

Friday Haiku: Snoozin’ Puppeh

Scout the tired puppy

Sleeps on the nice soft couch and

Dreams of chasing cats

From the Beagles Forever FB.

Friday Haiku: How I Love Thee, Log

You are smooth
and soft

and floating
on the water.

Perfect for my

Photo by André Kuschel via the interwebs

Friday Haiku: Windows To The Soul

The eyes view all things

They are windows to the soul

Seeing joy everywhere

Sent in by F. Birfle, and image from Arthur K.’s FB.

Friday Haiku: Just Keep Swimming

Delicate Sea Horse
Floating In the Quiet Sea
Looking for some Lunch

From the Pixdaus Facebook page.

Friday Haiku: Handle With Care

Small friends from the sea

Tiny and unassuming

Sit on your finger

Photographer and finger unknown, delicately sent by Helene D.

Friday Haiku: White Tiger Cub Has a Question

Baroo kitty says,

“Huh? What the? Is that for real?”

We will never know.

Photo by Petr Josek of Reuters

Friday Haiku: Bouncin’ Bebeh Otters

Cute Baby Otters

Squeal and Bounce with Fervent Glee

Until they Get Fed

Discovered On The Tube Of You. [Looks a like Whack-A-Mole game to me -Ed]

Friday Haiku: Take That

Burrowing owl chick

Is an excitable bird

And loves to hop up.

Photo from Peter Brannon.

Friday Haiku: Fleeting Meeting

The moment we met

Seemed like it was forever

And then you were gone

Terri D. and her beagle, Schnitzel, attending to a finch, who stunned herself flying into the patio door. Terri held her for a long time while she recovered and eventually flew away.


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