(Black) Friday Haiku

Shopping is stressful
Too many people out there
Gonna stay inside!

“His name is Maxwell, the Psychology Department mascot at Oral Roberts University.” -Sandy T., ORU Behavioral Sciences Dept.

Friday Haiku: TGIF

The week has ended
Time to wrap things up for now
And take a nice nap






First photo of Holly from Cuteporter Karen C., all others from The Barkpost.com.

Friday Haiku: Your Turn 2.0

Time for you to write
Your own Haiku for this pic
We’ll post fave at noon


Sitting in a tub
I am a lonely panda
Pants! I need some pants!
-Sparky Malarky

‘Member when we did this before? Have at it in Comments! Photo via Fantastic Cat Adventures Tumblr.

Friday Haiku: Sunrise

Sunrise starts the day
Yogi greets it with a howl
Then romps down the beach

“Sunrise, or rather Eclipse-rise! This past Sunday 11/3 at Mud Creek Dog Beach. Great South Bay, East Patchogue, NY. A harmonic convergence of the Sun, the Moon and Bernese Mountain Dog, Yogi!” -Photo by Randall D.

Friday Haiku: Munk-y Loff

Peaceful clear blue waters
Tranquil, calming skies overhead
Munkster feels at home



“I was at Crater Lake, Oregon this summer and this fearless lil’ guy stopped to say hi and mooch some picnic food (which we did not give him!) He was nice enough to pose for some adorable photos in front of the epic scenery. Keep up the great work!” -Bridget.

Friday Haiku: Toby

Been a hard day’s night
I’ve been workin’ like a cat
No rest for the weary.

“Here is the picture of Toby that I just SAID I sent, but didn’t. Because I don’t know why. Anyway, here it is; you’ll love it!” -Beth S. Haiku inspiration from The Moptops.

Friday Haiku: Itty Bitty Kittehs

Nice tiny kittehs
Want to find a new home soon!
Maybe at your house?


Furball images by Sabine L. of Detmold, Germany.

Friday Haiku: Baby Can U Drive My Car?

No one’s said turtles
can’t drive an automobile
They just need small cars

“We saw this little snapper on a nature walk in the McMillan Marsh Preserve in Marshfield, WI.” -Cuteporter Missy S.

Friday Haiku: O, Rats!

Theo The Ratso
Sniffs gently in the still air
Thinks he smells dinner?

“I found this picture (by Flickrer Deanna W.) and I just had to share it. I don’t think rats get enough love, and that’s why I run this page, (shameless plug I know) so that people can see that rats are just as cute and loving as any other pet!” -Alice B.

Friday Haiku: Tiny Shells

Shells head for the sea
They know where they’re going to
With their GPS.

“This is a photo essay video done by my friend of some baby turtles making their way to the sea, here in Jamaica. He took these while on assignment for one of our local papers, which did a feature on the turtle hatchlings!” -Teri C.


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