Friday Haiku: Franz Joseph (The European Hamster)

_DSC5621aklneuLittle Hamster dude
Rummaging for nuts and stuff
Ready for winter?


Stefanie K. says “I have some pictures for you I took earlier this week at a hospital in Vienna. It might seem a little odd, but said hospital is well known for a population of wild European hamsters who live on the hospital grounds. They should be in hibernation by now, but I found a little fellow still out and about. Isn’t he cute? I called him Franz Joseph since he lives on the grounds of Emperor Franz Joseph Hospital.”

Friday Haiku: I Haz Your Stuffie?

If you need a friend
You can borrow a stuffie
Like this cat did here

(Video sent in by Susan M.)

Friday Haiku: Chill

After a week of stress
Sometimes you just want to chill
Like Tyatora

Friday Haiku: Hug

When you need a hug
Like this bebeh Koala
You go and get it

(Story seen on Mashable; GIF from GIPHY.)

Friday Haiku: Hermie

BRIGHome is a small shell
And you can move anywhere
Brigadier lives here

From Robin W. Click image 2 and 3 to SUPER-SIZE™ Click here to SUPER-SIZE™ Trading Card.


Friday Haiku: Ladylike

‘Tocktober is soon
Butts of all shapes and sizes
Send us your pix here.


Friday Haiku: ‘Tocktober

Fawn‘Tocktober is near
Lots and lots of fuzzy butts
It starts in twelve days

“Hello, hay servant to sheep Missy-Moo and pals here, I wondered if you would be interested in these little ‘Tocks? We have a number of fawns growing up around the property, and this little one had just taken a drink from the sheep’s water :)” -Carol B.

Friday Haiku: Snoozy

download (1)Such a cuddle ball
Warm, safe, and so toasty dry
Dormouse in a nest

(BBC Earth via Michelle W.)

Friday Haiku: Delicate

A_butterfly_feeding_on_the_tears_of_a_turtle_in_EcuadorButterflies notice
All the little things in life
Like prosh turtle tears

*Two Julia Butterflies (Dryas iulia) drinking the tears of turtles in Ecuador : Winner, 2014 Wikimedia Picture of the Year competition : Photograph by Ama la Vida TV. Story as seen on Laughing Squid.

Friday Haiku: Capybara Redux

800-ko-kingdom95Last week’s Haiku
Was about Capybaras
Now we have one more

More on Tempozan Anipa in Osaka by Robb S. here.










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