Friday Afternoon Haiku

Time to deck the halls
You never know what you will find
Maybe a matchingks

~ ~ ~

“This is Caprica my Mini Dachshund, confronting her Christmas ornament doppelgänger. Photo by me, Robin J.”


(Black) Friday Afternoon Haiku

Today is the day
When people go nuts shopping
Who really nose why

~ ~ ~

“I snapped this photo of my res-q-tee pie Mei-Mei (May-May) and her bee-yu-tiful booper asking for some leftover turkey! Can you say no to this face? I can’t! Hope it makes it in before Nose-vember ends! Photo taken by her mum, me, Annie F.”

Friday Afternoon Haiku: Bretagne

Happy Birthday to
The last living Rescue Dog
From Nine Eleven.


(Photo from ABC7 Los Angeles, via Charles P., Doreen H., Catherine P., Emily S. and Douglas L.)

Friday Afternoon Haiku: Zoom Zoom

Graceful Hummingbirds
Fly very delicately
They love the red juice


(Originally seen on Gizmodo.)

[*Note: Did another Hummingbird Haiku almost one year ago. Well done. -Ed.]

Friday Afternoon Haiku: Will Work For Peanuts

Backyard banditos
have no problem when it comes
to stealing peanuts


“Cubby was a squirrel who helped me rake leaves all fall so he was rewarded for his hard work, writes Don W.

UPDATE! Don also sent in this YouTube clip:

Friday Afternoon Haiku: YOLO

You only live once
A great saying to live by
Get a pup like this

“This is my daughters’ dog Riley. Hope you think he is as cute as we do. Riley knows how to live life alright. A friend jokingly calls him King Tut.” -Kay M.