Stay Safe Tonight, Everybody!

Commodore Gustave Swaddleman (first seen on C.O. earlier in the year) hopes everyone in the US is having a happy and safe Fourth Of July!

From Zeki B.

Le Grand Bernard

FullSizeRender“Here is the photo of Bernard, the Cute/Sad French Bulldog I submitted last week – in a larger file size! As noted before, this little tyke was sidelined with a broken leg, and his pathetic gaze conveys it all. But, being a spotted French Bulldog pup, he is extremely adorable even in his pathetic state. My friend Sally took this photo of him, and would love to share it with the larger Cute Overload audience! C.O. fan as always, Deb S.”

Niko…Did YOU Chew Up The Pen?

Come on now, little guy. Was it you? Did you- wait, Niko! Where are you going?

Man, This Dumb Page Won’t Load!!

IMG_5654[I wanna see some LOLCats videos! Or something! Can SOMEone check the DSL modem?]
From KB: “Meet Monkey the Blue Frenchie, the official mascot of social media agency, Village&Co. in Vancouver B.C. Canada! BTW these are not my photos, they’re from Justin (Monkey’s manservant.)”


“Hello again C.O. friends! Hooray for cute gifs! I don’t know you’d be able to upload these, [No prob there- Ed.] but they were too cute not to send to you!” -Annamarie R.

Will You Turn That NOISE Off?

I am trying to get some SLEEP here. Thank-you.

Because U Can Never Have Enough Frenchies

IMG_8187That might need to become a new Rule Of Cuteness- it’s an absolute truth. Whitney R. tells us, “I work at the Oregon Humane Society. I recently sent you pictures of my supervisor’s puppy Bear, and I promised to send you some pictures of my two French bulldogs. My Frenchies are named D’Artagnan (brindle) and Montague Marshmallow (cream.) In regular life, they are known as Darty and Google, or Dartles and Goober, or Turtles and Goose.”

“They go by many names! As you can see, they are besties and love each other very much. Their favorite activities are wrestling, napping, snoring, begging for treats, and, of course, being absolutely adorable. Thank you for sharing my pups’ cuteness with the world.”


Dateline: São Paulo, Brazil!

IMG_0297We get emails from all over! Arthur and Taís write: “We are attaching some photos of our two Frenchies Girls, the two year old Sookie (the black one, as from True Blood,) and the one year old Buffy (the brown one, as from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.”)

“We live in São Paulo, Brazil. Sookie is the kind of dog that thinks she is a person, she loves people and makes sure to greet everyone as she makes her walks.”

“Buffy, on the other hand, loves to play with other dogs or play alone.”

“She doesn’t give as much attention to other people and sometimes she plays for hours with some toy all by herself.”




Frenchie Double Play!

Charlie The Whackadoodle Frenchie just cannot understand why his new playmate…just stands there. (All the colors must have him a little baffled, too.)

(And that’s a wrap for this week on C.O., People. Don’t fret- lot’s more headed your way on Rats (AND Bats), It’s Monday Morning! Have some great Valentine’s photos? We’ll tell you where to send ’em! There’s a BRAND NEW Maru, a new Maymo, and…we’ll take you on a trip to a great Animal Sanctuary near Palm Springs, too! Stay right where you are. Well- go to sleep, sure. But come right back. Just leave the browser up.)


None other than Root Beer The Frenchie! RB, how’d you get in here, pahdnah? Pahk the cah in Havahd Yahd, then get to bed. “Rootbeer The Frenchie is wicked smaht,” says Brittany E.


These Guys Stick Together!

The real question is, who’s gonna get the stick? ♬ Round, round get around they get around, yeaaahhhh….♬

Genki & Momo, from Monika B.


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