FullSizeRender (1)We have been getting some terrific late-Nosevember shots in, and C.O. thanks every single person who has sent one in! (Wish we could post them all!) Jamie H. is here on a Caturday night to tell us about Frankie The Frenchie: “Isn’t her little nosey adorable!?! Her flat-faced self would be tickled to appear on C.O. Thanks for your consideration!”

Sorry ‘Bout That, Rilo

RILO2Rules are rules, and they’re put there for your safety, little girl. Maybe you’ll be big enough next year! You were just born July 7th!

Callie B. tells us, “My Frenchie puppy Rilo Clomette had a pumpkin patch adventure that culminated in her passing out between two pumpkins. I’m particularly partial to the “Am I big enough, mom?”

I think she’s adorbs, I hope you agree!”


Charlie’s Schedule For Today

BREAKCharlie’s sked looks pretty open for today in case you need to book a meeting with him. Or something.

“This is Charlie, the Chunkie Frenchie. His Batman Ears keep growing and growing,” comments Jordan B.



The McBearersons just moved in day before yesterday, and ol’ Mr. Frenchie has a problem with those lil’ cubs of theirs. Go on, GIT!

They didn’t seem to take the hint, either.

Another Quality Smedley Find.

Frenchie In The Spin Cycle

From Frenchified Barb and Paul: “Has this been on Cute Overload? We looked, and LOOKED. Babies and Frenchies. What could be better?” Hmmmm, how about a Frenchie sitting in the passenger seat of a classic 1963 Aston Martin DB5? Just sayin.’


Ol’ Blue Eyes, The Chairman Of The Board, whatever you wanna call him- he’s in your face RIGHT NOW.

“Hi there! This is my friend Monica’s new Frenchie ‘Frank Sinatra’ comin’ in for a smooch! The video was shot by me.” -Greg G., host, 94/7fm alternative, Portland, OR.

Littlefoot The Disgruntled Bebeh Frenchie

image2When you see a look like that (above) as a hoomin, you know you must have done something wrong. Like bust out a pair of pajamas for a camping trip? “This is Littlefoot, my new Behbeh Frenchie,” writes Monica F.

“She wasn’t pleased that mommy made her wear her pjs when we went camping this weekend! Look at that ‘Tock!! I hope she makes it on the website! I have been visiting Cute Overload since 2006!!! Love it!”


Dad, Can I Use The Car Tonight?

Dad: No, son. You need to study. Remember that last math test?

Son: Ah, Dad. Come ON. Don’t be a…a SQUARE.

Stay Safe Tonight, Everybody!

Commodore Gustave Swaddleman (first seen on C.O. earlier in the year) hopes everyone in the US is having a happy and safe Fourth Of July!

From Zeki B.

Le Grand Bernard

FullSizeRender“Here is the photo of Bernard, the Cute/Sad French Bulldog I submitted last week – in a larger file size! As noted before, this little tyke was sidelined with a broken leg, and his pathetic gaze conveys it all. But, being a spotted French Bulldog pup, he is extremely adorable even in his pathetic state. My friend Sally took this photo of him, and would love to share it with the larger Cute Overload audience! C.O. fan as always, Deb S.”


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