These Guys Stick Together!

The real question is, who’s gonna get the stick? ♬ Round, round get around they get around, yeaaahhhh….♬

Genki & Momo, from Monika B.

Are You Trying To Tell Us Something, Frank?

imageOh….you want to PLAY, is that it? (Photo c/o Celia P.)

Seen Your Slippers Lately?

If you can’t find them…it’s a safe bet that Pixel (previously seen here and here in the I. WANT. MY BED. Mini-Series) knows where they are. Pixel, buddy- it’s obvy you’re our next star here at C.O., so you’ve got your own tag, just like the big boys do. Congrats!


Pixel also thinks he is a turtle. Just a phase.


Where’s The Wind-Up Key?

Looks like someone really wound THIS little maniac up. He’s got a couple of big ball pits to jump in, and no one is gonna get in his way..not even a thoroughly bewildered Schnauzer.

Attention On Deck! For….

…. Commodore Gustave Swaddleman! Or, um, Gus for short, right Zeki B.? “This little doughball belongs to my brother and his girlfriend (making him my dog-nephew of sorts?), and, in my totally unbiased opinion, is THE cutest French bulldog.”

“He’s a cuddle monster with an appetite for treats and expensive shoes! Gus would be thrilled if he made it onto Cute Overload and gained even more followers for his Instagram page!

Pretty Soon He’ll Be Programming In C++

Look at all little Brody Brixton The Frenchie can do, at the young age of three months old!

(From Mashable.)

To: Santa Fr: Monty

FullSizeRenderDear Santa:

I’ve been a Good Little Frenchie this year. I supervised all of the kitchen activities and I made sure the cat next door got plenty of exercise.

Here’s hoping there’s a few bones under the tree for me tonight!

Merry Christmas!


FullSizeRender (1)

24 Hours Of Christmas Cute….continues!

The Adventures Of Harvey

imageI absolutely admit to having a supreme soft spot for Frenchies. But wait! Harv isn’t 100% Frenchie. Right, Kelsey? (Harvey’s mom.)

“Trust me, he’s Cute. He is a Frenchton (half French Bulldog and half Boston Terrier) -about 9 months old.”

“He has his own Instagram, too. (‘Farty all the time. Bellingham, WA.’)”






‘Allo- U Like What You See, No?

[Take as many peectures as you like, I haz all the time in ze world…..]

“This is my Frenchie, Penelope, showing off her ‘Tocks! She’s always frog-dogged though, so it’s pretty much ‘Tocktober year-round at our house (more pics on her Instagram.) -Kate K.

[“Frog-dogged?” -Ed.]

All Right Rudolph, (Say Like Kirk:) I. HAVE. HAD. ENOUGH. OF…. YOU!

[I’m Ellie-May The Frenchie. This is MY turf, see? You can come back on December 24th with the Jolly Ol’ Elf and your pals, OK? ‘Til then, BEAT IT!]

From Barb (sans Paul, ‘cuz he’s fishing) -struggling to be Cute. Cred to Saffron for noticing the then-unintentional but totally on-point Star Trek reference.


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