Good things happen when you go thru the Mailbox

Look at these sweet chat icons that "Anno Superstar" created out of Cute O imagery. I mean, what could be better than prosh imagery and the Cooper Black typeface?* Way to GO!

😉 Click here for large versions of the icons 😉


*OK, *maybe* Hobo Bold, but Cooper Black rulez. Thanks, Anno 😉



What’s cuter?! We need to know! Announcing the latest in Cuteness Technology, the “CuteTracker.”Check it out now on the left side of this page.Brought to us by our friends Gina and Jon and at Thank you both!

We just give and give and give

The team of experts at Cute Central™ studied the following Instant Message® icons extremely carefully for maximum impact. The fine doctors discovered that upon use, message recipients experienced catastrophic head explosion only 89% of the time. Eleven percent had dry mouth.

An RSS Slideshow!

BIG props to Matt Rowe and his custom Cute Overload RSS Slide show. It’s like a series of sushi boats going by, and you can chose your favorite. You must subscribe!