Headline THIS Winners!

9781452138916We have our winners for this morning’s edition of Headline THIS! Each winner receives a copy of the book You Need More Sleep: Advice From Cats, a guide to maintaining a successful, self‐centered, catlike existence, along with sleeping mask, and a pin.

Whoopie Cushion? Go ahead and find out, I dare you.“- Hilz.

Lord Sugarbutt says, ‘You’re fired!”N. Fritz.

Your request for a purrsonal day has been denied.” – 260Oakley.

To those three folks- check yer email, we need your contact info. To everyone else- we appreciate your entering!




You Need More Sleep…So Headline THIS!

9781452138916Time for another edition of Headline THIS!, to celebrate National Cat Day! Cats have spent eons observing, napping, pondering, napping, and taking notes about the human condition. In between naps, they’ve realized that we humans are prone to serious personal mismanagement and could use some catlike guidance. The result is You Need More Sleep: Advice From Cats, a guide to maintaining a successful, self‐centered, catlike existence. This new book will show you how to live the good life by manipulating the world around you to cater to your every whim.

Want to win a copy, along with sleeping mask, and a pin? We’ve got three sets to give away- just Headline THIS! Write up your favorite headline for the photo below, and we’ll post our three favorites at 1pm PT! (International entries are A-OK; no purchase required.)



“You Can’t Judge A Book By The Idiot Reading It”

812HelsCyhLWe’ve chosen the three winners, er, losers to receive the brand new book from Grumpy Cat, “No-It-All!” (In stores one week from today.) Believe me, it was hard narrowing it down to three, but here we go, (no particular order) all done in classic Grumpy Style:

You can’t judge a book by the idiot reading it.” –Phoenix.

You want my book? Can you even read?” –Daniel.

Buy my book and I’ll hate you a little less.” -Cat Skyfire.

Winners also get a Grumpy Cat Flexi-Journal. (Check your email; we need deets from you.) Congratulations and thanks to all who entered!

Are You A NO-IT-ALL? Headline THIS!

812HelsCyhLHow about winning a copy of the brand new book from Grumpy Cat, “No-It-All!” It’s full of feel-good topics just begging for a cranky makeover: kittens, rainbows, smiles, birthday parties, cuddles, and more. Grumpy Cat teaches us to say “ugh.” Nothing sweet is safe from this famous frown. Grumpy Cat No-It-All includes a page of removable stickers- perfect for sticking on your new laptop- which is what I did.

So…write up you best Grumpy Style headline for the above photo! (International entries OK, and no purchase required!) Make it short, like these examples, or like the one on the photo above. We’ll pick our top three favorites and each will get a copy of the book (along with a Grumpy Cat Flexi-Journal) which is due out in one week! Good luck- winners posted at 1pm PT!

New C.O. Downloads!

Check it out! It’s been years months days hours in the making! See that link at the top right? We’ve got Cute for yer ‘Puter! C.O. Wallpapers (there will be a new one every month)…Avatars for your C.O. Commenting Needs…and C.O. themes for your Google Chrome browser. We’ve got MORE New Stuff coming shortly, too! (Scurries back to C.O. top-secret lab in the sub-basement at Lawrence Livermore.)


clipboard01 (1)

C.O. Desktop Wallpaper!

As we wind down the year, here’s something for your computer- a wallpaper with C.O. images from 2013. Just click on the image below, then right click and save.


THIS JUST IN: Knut wallpapers to remember him by :(

Consistently redonk Sender-Inner Brinke McBrinkersons has sent in two wallpapers for you to enjoy of our dearly departed Knut bear:

Choose Standard size
(5120 by 3840 pixels) or

(5120 by 3200 pixels)

Thank you, Brinkie.

THIS JUST IN: Pikavatars

Come on, like you’re surprised about this.

You knew this was coming. Right-click, download, and make a Pika your avatar TUHDAY!

The More You Know: 3 Easy steps to new avatar art!

Hey! Did you know that you can EASILY make your very own avatar (what’s an avatar!?) by grabbing one of the images from the Top 4 stories above? Here’s how!

1. Whenever you see a Top 4 image you like, simply right-click on it
2. Save the image to your desktop
3. Update your image in your account! (Don’t have an Account? Get one.)

And Now, Our Grand Prize Weiner

Congratulations to yesterday’s winner of Dolphin Discovery: Holly K.

Whew, we’re beat!  What a whirlwind National Pet Week this was!  You peeps bombarded us with jokes, rhymes and trivia–over 950 entries in all four contests!

That's just a tail, you perv.

And our grand prize winner, selected at random from all entries, is Toni T., whose clever entry, from the caption contest, went like this: Doggie:  “Where did your ears go?!” Birdie:  “Where did your wings go?!”

Toni wins our Grand Prize: A new Nintendo DSi game system and all four Discovery Kids games! Congratulations, and thanks to all who played, and special thanks to 505 Games!


Trivia Answers:

  • Day of the Dolphin (a lot of readers alerted us to another movie titled Sex and Death 101, and we would have accepted that as well)
  • Neil and Tim Finn
  • Pinball
  • False Killer Whale

Photo credit: BartShore