Young Man, If You Leave Your Toys Outside…

…the Fox next door is gonna come over and play with them. That will teach you to pick up after yourself!

You Can DO It, Guys!

There’s NO mountain this little fellows can’t climb!

Laughing Squid.

Foxy, No?

Stand by for your head melting off your shoulders in 5…4…3…2…


Bugs Woulda Killed 2 Have That Carrot

To be honest, I don’t know I’d want a raw carrot lying on the kitchen floor, either!

Via Nothing To Do With Arbroath.

And Now For The Foxes!!!*

[*70’s SNL Reference. Previously cited here. -Ed.]

I’m using Chrome to make this post. Maybe I should…switch to Firefox after seeing these photos?**

[**Geek reference. Mozilla Firefox mascot info here. The Firefox mascot is, in fact, a Red Panda. Well played, though. -Ed.]








Bored Panda.

Extended Ear Extenders! They’re New!

Revolutionary, lightweight and staggeringly small!

And because they resemble a fennec fox you wont look odd at all.

12210215313_05ca0f001e_z 12210412574_fa64331454_z 12210012955_f2b3fe14d3_z
Via Pleated Jeans.

Winter’s Going Great!

Except for that snow part.

Arctic Fox in Churchill, Canada. Photo by Jules Cox, via Daily Mail.

Caught In The Act

Animuhls (like kids) can do the darndest things. Sometimes, if you’re a great photographer (like these folks as seen on My Modern Met) you can get a terrific shot by just being in the right place at the right time. Talent and a great camera helps, of course!

These were a part of The Mammal Society’s Photographer of the Year competition earlier this year. (The 2014 competition is now open.) Individual photo creditos in the hovers.

First Place Winner: Jumping Rat


Second Place Winner: Licking Fox


3rd Place Winner: Wood Mouse with Blackberry


Gray Seals Laughing


Leaping Squirrel


When Did Fox News Take Over Facebook?

Look at all these baby fox pics! Talk about your complete coverage. It’s like, something from those kinds of people…

You know, the people who take 600 photos of their kids each week,

8751336913_7d234dac2a_z (1)
And write a caption for every single picture,

And share them all online,

with their friends, family, everybody,

And tend to over share everything.

You know, just like those people on Facebook!

FB Status: Foxy

A Mom and Dad fox are socially networking at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. Sender-inner Wendy M. says, “This is why I want to work for Facebook: Facebook overrun with baby foxes.” Photos: Robert Beiber, Claudia Ceia, Jon Park, Ryan Rosario, Roberto Grijalva, Tina Li, Renee Glenn.

Bet This Never Happened To Arnold Palmer

Oh, you want this BALL to go in the HOLE? I don’t THINK so.

“I was moping here due to a rained out yard sale, and stumbled upon this anerable video of a fox stealing and then playing with a golf ball.” -Video by Petsami; from Cuteporter Sylvia.