Friday Haiku: Flying Squirrel

image2Flying Squirrels are cute
They zoom all over the place
This guy has jazz hands

“My cat brought in from outside a completely unhurt, and very angry, flying squirrel,” writes John S.

“I managed to catch him and after he realized I wasn’t going to hurt him, he decided my hand was the best place for him to curl up and sleep….”

“…and he is now back to his home! I did some quick research, determined his age and made sure he was old enough to fend for himself. Kept the cats in overnight as well just in case.”

Her Day Was Off To A Flying Start

IMG_6011You shuffle into the kitchen at 7:15am, barely online. Pop on the iPad tuned to C.O. Reach for the coffee maker, reach for your coffee mug, reach for your Flying Sqwerl, -uh, wait. What? “I’m used to having critters get in the house when the weather gets cold but wasn’t expecting a Flying Sqwerl in the kitchen this morning” says Properzombie.

“I resisted the urge to keep him, feed him and name him but snapped a few photos before I helped him outside. Perfect start to my day.” [Just like the can says. -Ed.]


This is Not Your Average Cute

Barely a handful o’ Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel. Prob’ly best handled in small amounts, ’cause they’re basically one of the most powerful substances known to man ever.

Handful o’ Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel, via Daily Picks and Flicks.

A Different Kind O’ Leprechaun

[Hello! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Yes, I am a leprechaun! Some might know me as a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel- but today I am all leprechaun!]


This Sqwerl Is Plane Crazy

Look at this little maniac. Boy is the FAA gonna get on his case…if they can ever find him, of course. (Really gets going about 1:10 in FYI.)

Now THIS is the real thing:

First video spotted at TO!

Who Remembers That Toy?

Hmm, what was it called? The twisty, fuzzy, magic worm with googly eyes and an invisible string that you slid through your fingers to make it look like, well, kinda like this!

“Lydia, our flying squirrel.” -Kathy G.

Stevie The Super Sqwerl

superman-logo-i2791Jor-El: Krypton’s doomed, Lara. We must send Stevie to Earth.
Lara He will grow strong there, my husband.
Jor-El: Yes, his powers will be great under their yellow sun…
Lara: Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, & able to leap to squirrel feeders in a single bound!
Jor-El: Faster than a speeding bullet? Catchy- there’s money there. Call our agent. I’d hurry, too.


Spotted on by Smedley.

You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are, Boys…

…’cause Back In The USSR, they’ve got…..Siberian Flying Squirrels!

(OK, Formerly known as the USSR. But if we’d said that, the Beatles reference woulda been clunky.)







正次スグ/レックス機能の全ての画像! (All images by Masatsugu Sugu/Rex Features!)

What Are They Thinking?

Vote for your favorite answer or send us your own caption on Facebook.

Miriam tells us that the green round headed friend is a Angry Birds Pig. It’s a good thing flying squirrelas don’t lay eggs!

First Person Cuter Game

Video game nerds everywhere! Play Call of Cutie and experience the action through the eyes of a squirrel!

Look! Now you can level up! Because sometimes you gotta go airborne to cute the baddies down!

Warning: Playing with the tiny squirrel, Little Baby Boy, by Danny W.  and flying squirrel by Sophia P. has been linked to excessive squeeing behaviour.


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