Flashback Friday

There’s nothing like a fun game of pawball between the Terriers and the Man With a Tail. And wow folks, do we have a very vaudeville pregame show for you! After that, we’ll head over to the concession stand – so don’t forget your bib! Hurry up now, the Terriers are ready for the Big Game and hoping to win by a pair of pantsdowns!

Who won? Who cares?! Via YouTube Clipsnadfootage

Flashback Friday

To Catch a Thief audition – take one! Kitty, you are to play the role of the thief. Aaand, action!

1954. “From photographs of actress Grace Kelly on the movie set of To Catch a Thief.” Photo by Robert Vose for Look magazine.

Flashback Friday

A cat wearing cat-eye glasses, from the Department of Fashion Redundancy Department.

1961, black cat Hollywood movie star from Tales of Terror, a 1962 film starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, and Basil Rathbone. More photos and full story about the Black Cat Auditions In Hollywood via Catsperella. Photo by Ralph Crane. Via LIFE Photo Archive.

Flashback Friday

Ladies, I always pass the white glove test when I use my Mr. Scrubbalot multi-surface scrubber with fresh pinecone scent. You should too.

“April 23, 1926. Washington, D.C. “Miss Dorothy Tierney with porcupine.” The stage actress and prickly understudy. National Photo Co.” -Via Shorpy

Flashback Friday

Looks like somebody’s gone cold turkey.

Funny Vintage Animal Photos (16)
“Dec. 7, 1950. A turkey wrapped up in a blanket and scarf to keep it warm and free from colds and chills. Photo by Reg Speller/Fox Photos/Getty Images” Via Live Journal.com.

Flashback Friday

Who wants to play Guess the Teenaged Future Screen Legend?

“Adorable vintage original news agency photo of a screen legend, giving her dog Amy a rather reluctant bath in June of 1949.” Via Vanity Fair 

Flashback Friday


In honor of Veteran’s Day, we would like to salute all the furry-four-legged troopers! For all their bravery, we thank them.

This is Sergeant Stubby, a homeless pup in 1919 who became the mascot for America’s 102nd “Yankee” Infantry Division in France. Stubby alerted soldiers to the threat of mustard gas in time for them to don their protective masks, captured a spy all by himself and was decorated many times for, “heroism of the highest caliber”. Stubby was also famous for boosting morale in the trenches and cheering the wounded in hospital.

Dog Wearing Military Medals
Via Digital Dog.

Nosevember 1st : 24 Hours Of Noses @ 3:50pm PT (Bonus Friday Flashback Post!)

Kitteh ker-ker-ker choo! Literally, a blast from the past.

etticat1 (1)
From the 1960s Etti Cat children’s book by author Jo Mary McCormick. Via URLesque.
24 Hours Of Noses continues…

Flashback Friday

Awww, it’s Toto (Cairn Terrier whose real name was Terry), first pup ever to be Technicolor-ized, somewhere over the rainbow.

Image source: The Internetz, Great and Powerful!

Flashback Friday

Ladies and Gentlemen, please (quietly) kneel before His Majesty, King Nap O’Derp, Ruler of Sleepland.

“A sleeping kitten wearing a miniature crown, 1955. Photo: Charles Ley, Getty Images.” -Stamford Advocate.


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