Holy Flashback Friday (Updated!): They Sent Out The Bat Signal On Porpoise!

And you can’t use “To the Bat-Pool, Robin!” (Outstanding, I know- but sadly already used in the source photo thread.) Add your header to the comments section below, and we’ll update at Noon PT. Good hunting, old chum.

Updated! A tip of the C.O. cap to MS.


Flashback Friday: Duncan Meets Fala

fdr“This is my Westie, Duncan, with FDR’s dog Fala. Duncan is “First Dog” in our hearts. We hope you will appreciate his Cuteness.” -Elise P.

FDR/Fala photo from Animal Fair.com. Processing via Google Picasa.

Vintage Beauty

“I’m so sick and tired of everyone calling me a dog. ‘Look at that Enid,’ they all say. ‘What a dog.’ So I’m getting my hair done, then a manicure, and then — look out, world, it’s a brand new me!”

dog in curlers

A dog with its fur set in curlers at George Constantinides’ hairdressing salon on Hornsey Road, London, December 1968. (Photo by Paul Fievez/BIPS/Hulton Archive/Getty Images) Via Gizmodo.

Flashback Friday: Flute Concerto For Doorstep In G

1821-934xPart of the “The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken,” from Distractify.com.

Flashback Friday: What’s For Lunch?


From 1914: “Kittens in costume at picnic lunch.” Photo by Harry W. Frees. (Shorpy McShorpersons.)

Flashback Friday: The Big One

enhanced-buzz-wide-32105-1401896565-21This week we flashback to World War II. Besides all the brave men and women that served their country, there were quite a lot of (un)Enlisted Furballs, too! (Deets in the hovers: that kitteh above is sitting in the cockpit of an RAF pilot, 1944.)










“Found these amazing photos on BuzzFeed France of dogs and other animals that helped in the war effort. Thought they would be good for Flashback Friday. Keep up the good work! Sharon B-C (Western Australia.)”

[Note- hover info also from Buzzfeed France. -Ed.]

Flashback Friday

+ Audrey Hepburn & lpAt the beginning of the year, we featured Audrey Hepburn and her Prosh Friend Pippin. There is no known reason why we can’t bring that pair back again. Oh, and as a bonus, we’ve got AH and another little guy…she was quite the animuhl lover.


Flashback Friday: My, What A Big Lens U Have!

Quoting About.com: “An Korean puppy holds his ground in an “eye to eye” encounter with a huge Fifth Air Force aerial camera, one of the “Eyes of the Far East Air Forces.” The camera is an Air Force K-19B used by night-flying RB-26 aircraft of the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing to photograph enemy airfields, railroad marshalling yards, bridges, supply dumps and troop movements. (Circa June 1951.)


Holy Flashback Friday, Batman!


Catwoman singing the Batman Blues, purrrr-fect for a Flashback Friday. From the 1966 Batman Facebook page.

Flashback Friday: Greaseball

8d34025uFrom Shorpy: “October 1943. Frederick, Maryland. “Greaseball, a mascot at the Stevens Airport.” Photo by Esther Bubley, Office of War Information.”


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