Nosevember 1st : 24 Hours Of Noses @ 3:50pm PT (Bonus Friday Flashback Post!)

Kitteh ker-ker-ker choo! Literally, a blast from the past.

etticat1 (1)
From the 1960s Etti Cat children’s book by author Jo Mary McCormick. Via URLesque.
24 Hours Of Noses continues…

Flashback Friday

Awww, it’s Toto (Cairn Terrier whose real name was Terry), first pup ever to be Technicolor-ized, somewhere over the rainbow.

Image source: The Internetz, Great and Powerful!

Flashback Friday

Ladies and Gentlemen, please (quietly) kneel before His Majesty, King Nap O’Derp, Ruler of Sleepland.

“A sleeping kitten wearing a miniature crown, 1955. Photo: Charles Ley, Getty Images.” -Stamford Advocate.

Flashback Friday

Something in the way she meows, attracts me like no other fluffer,

Via Buzzfeed

Flashback Friday

Well what can we say except, pop ‘em in your mouf before they melt!

Philippe Halsman (1948)
From the internet, ♪ ♫ like a cat, over troubled water♪ ♫

Flashback Friday

It’s Friday! We know you all are on the internet at work but don’t worry this cat is cool with it. (Doesn’t even know what the internet ees!)

Le Chat, by Werner Bischoff, 1946.

Flashback Friday


This is Wilfred, a South African Bush Baby in London Zoo enjoying his morning cocoa from a teaspoon, February 15, 1938. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images).

Flashback Friday

It’s OK, I’m a professional. I totally meant to do this. I caught myself!

“Puppy, 1950″ Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/Getty Images

Flashback Friday

Meet Horace, the bright-eyed, domesticated hare of Dublin, Ireland, 1956, who, “hops blithely through the kitchen, hanging out in the bathroom or sitting quietly on the living room sofa” and “holds sway in the household, and the humans are there, for the most part, simply to do Horace’s bidding.”


For a complete Life with Horace the Hare slideshow hop on over to

Flashback Friday

If you go way back in time today, you’re in for a big surprise
If you go way back in time today, you better go in disguise.
For every kitten dressed in outfittin’ is gathered there as is befittin’
Today is the day the kitty cats have their picnic!

Kittens in costume at picnic lunch.” After we’re done eating, stick around for fireworks and the six-legged race!” Photo by Harry W. Frees – 1914. Via


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