Flashback Friday: The Man In Black

johnny-cash-holding-kitten-johnny-cash-holding-kitten-demotivational-posters-1361235135Johnny Cash with kitteh: unknown source and year.

Flashback Friday! (Probably The Oldest Ever!)

(c) English Heritage, Kenwood; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation“Joseph Wright of Derby. Two Girls Dressing a Kitten by Candlelight. c. 1768-70.” Michael S. says “Stumbled across this while searching for candlelit paintings. Seems about right for Cute Overload- possibly Flashback Friday?”

Flashback Friday II: Retro BUB

Let’s take ‘er back to 2011- when Bub was adopted– this is her second day home with her new hoomin can opener. GOOD JOB, BUB!

Flashback Friday: Happy 70th Birthday, Steve Martin

Steve-Martin-1969-with-Cat“How many people have cats? One, two, three, four- OK, ten. Now, let me ask you this….do you trust ’em? Because I gotta get a pair of cat handcuffs, and I gotta get ’em right away.”

From Steve Martin’s A Wild and Crazy Guy (1978.) Feature photo from 1969, Pikture Planet.com.

“♬ It’s Only Flashback Friday But We Like It Like It ♫..”

Richards-with-Cat..yes we do! Rolling Stone Keith Richards (above) and Paul McCartney (below) as seen on Blog.Piktureplanet.com.


Flashback Friday: “OK…Set The F Stop, Whatever That Is…”

Dog - Man's Best FriendTo give you an idea of how old this photo is…President Lincoln was still a year away from taking office! “1860: A canine amateur photographer.” From Vintage Everyday!

Flashback Friday: Yukon Territory, 1890

Man's Best Friend (3)“1890: Children of the Klondike area of Yukon Territory, Canada, sitting with their dog by a street sign.” From Vintage Everyday.

Flashback Friday: Washington, D.C., 1915

05642a“Washington, D.C., circa 1915. ‘Miss Catherine L. Littauer. Dog show.’ Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative.” (Shorpy.)

Flashback Friday: Enough To Bring Puppehs Running!

Remember that TV commercial from back in the day (1976, the Bicentennial, yo) where the little chuck wagon came blasting out of the dog food bag? I could never understand how it got IN there in the first place.

And this one from six years earlier- notice the wagon goes RIGHT INTO the cabinet doors and vanishes. That confounded me too.

Flashback Friday: D.C. Dog Show, 1915

05641a“Washington, D.C. “Dog Show, 1915. Mrs. Blanche Strebeigh Bonaparte.” Dog owner Mrs. B. (this girl’s mother) was married to Jerome Bonaparte, great-grandnephew of Napoleon. Harris & Ewing glass negative.” (Shorpy McShorpersons.)


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