Flashback Friday: Slurp!

PiSlw6X“Pet Koala drinks from a spoon, circa 1900, photographer F. Davey, Australia.” (Arne saw this on Reddit.)

It’s A London Flashback Friday

itemsfs_10295 (1)“Thurston Hopkins: ‘La Dolce Vita,’ Knightsbridge, London, 1953.” Vajda saw this on British Photography.org.

Flashback Friday: Happy (Early) Birthday, Audrey Hepburn

The screen legend would have been 86 Monday. Portia C. sent us these photos and said “You know that on May 4th will be Audrey Hepburn’s birthday, shopping with her pet fawn Pippin (Ip for short) in Beverly Hills, circa 1958.”



Flashback Friday: Hold It!

A police officer stops traffic so that a mother cat can cross an NYC street with her kitten, ca. 1925“A policeman in 1925 stopping traffic for a mother cat carrying her kitten in her mouth. Photo: Harry Warnecke/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images.” (Vintag.es.)

Flashback Friday: 1927 Police Lineup

HEC/34500/34539a.tif“OK m’am- take your time. Don’t worry, they can’t see you- only you can see them. One-way glass, y’see. Give each suspect a good, long look. Which of ’em snatched your purse?”

(“Washington, D.C., 1927. ‘NO CAPTION (puppies).’ Where’s Harry Frees when you need him? Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. ” –Shorpster.)

Flashback Friday With The Duke & Duchess

dukeduchess“The Duke (1894 to 1972) and Duchess, (1896 to 1986) of Windsor with Dizzy by, Dorothy Wilding, 1955″ (Mashable.)

Flashback Friday: Window Dreaming

SHORPY_8d28566a“May 1943. ‘Woman and her dog in the Harlem section.’ Medium format negative by Gordon Parks for the Office of War Information.” –Shorpy McShorpersons.

Flashback Friday: Spirit Of ’76 (And ’64)

“Hello Cute Overload, here’s a photo of myself on the right, sister Cindy in the middle holding our cat Faux Pas and sister Karen on the left back in 1964. Then the bottom photo is Faux Pas and me back in 1976. I’m 16 and she’s 14. Faux Pas lived to be 18. She was one of the ‘girls.’ Love your website. It brings me joy every time I look at it. Be good and take care, Heidi H.”



Flashback Friday: Mooo-ve Over

07-5127501er Mars 1931, Paris. Photo © Ministère de la Culture – Médiathèque du Patrimoine, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais/André Kertész. Soumis par Vajda.

Flashback Friday: Snow Bowl

Cats at Elden's - March 16 1952“Cats at Elden’s, March 16, 1952.” Photo by Hubert Tuttle, as seen on Shorpy McShorpersons, (where we also stole borrowed the headline.)


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