Flashback Friday: Good Even-ing

The Master of Suspense perusing the morning paper while his assistant director demonstrates how the Baroo will go in Act 1, Scene 1.

Dogs Are Always Best Friends of Men (8)
(Vintage Everyday.)


Flashback Friday

(Say in classic Cary Grant voice: “OK my little friend, I would be more than happy to feed you, but first, I must learn my lines.”

Dogs Are Always Best Friends of Men (4)
(Vintage Everyday.)

Flashback Friday: A Hollywood Christmas

Ava Gardner from Carl Anthony Online; Liz Taylor from Pinterest.

elizabeth taylor christmas

Flashback Friday: Sorry, Charlie

No dog biscuits to-day. Bummer. From Vintage Everyday.

[*Note: C.O.’s Star Wars Day is coming up….next. -Ed.]

Flashback Friday: The Christmas Puppy

Only two weeks to go! And look who Santa has as his assistant! (Image via Pinterest.)

Flashback Friday: Jayne And The Wah Wahs

Sounds a bit like a 60’s pop group, no? Actress Jayne Mansfield and friends. From Vintage Everyday.

Flashback Friday: Tarawa Atoll, 1943

Arne found this on Imgur/Reddit. “A U.S. Marine shares his water canteen with a kitten found under a burned-out Japanese tank during a break in the fighting on Tarawa. November, 1943. USNI Photo.”

Flashback Péntek

That would be “Flashback Friday” in Hungarian, which makes sense since the website it came from is also in Hungarian! Thanks to Vajda B.

Fényképezte: Ismeretlen: Cím nélkül, magángyűjtemény

Flashback Friday: Kitty. Prosh Kitty.

“Spectre,” the 24th James Bond adventure, opens today in the US.

Flashback Friday: Felix The Cat (1927)

With Halloween coming up tomorrow, we thought this would be a great time to roll out this Felix The Cat Halloween cartoon from 88 years ago!

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues