Flashback Friday: Spirit Of ’76 (And ’64)

“Hello Cute Overload, here’s a photo of myself on the right, sister Cindy in the middle holding our cat Faux Pas and sister Karen on the left back in 1964. Then the bottom photo is Faux Pas and me back in 1976. I’m 16 and she’s 14. Faux Pas lived to be 18. She was one of the ‘girls.’ Love your website. It brings me joy every time I look at it. Be good and take care, Heidi H.”



Flashback Friday: Mooo-ve Over

07-5127501er Mars 1931, Paris. Photo © Ministère de la Culture – Médiathèque du Patrimoine, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais/André Kertész. Soumis par Vajda.

Flashback Friday: Snow Bowl

Cats at Elden's - March 16 1952“Cats at Elden’s, March 16, 1952.” Photo by Hubert Tuttle, as seen on Shorpy McShorpersons, (where we also stole borrowed the headline.)

Flashback Friday: Etti-Cat

P5260727Check out these New York City subway signs from the 1960s. The Gothamist.com article says Etti-Cat was introduced in 1962 “when marijuana use was on the rise,” and Etti’s primary job was to discourage subway graffiti.

Etti-Cat wrote a book, too.

Featured photo from this blog; others first spotted at The Gothamist.com.

Flashback Friday: Backyard Banjo Buddies

d1db0ee8b1fc957b53ffd516978bf82fFrom Pinterest: no other historical deets available. A Smedley spot.

Welcome to Flashback Friday! Coming up shortly: a Talking Cat from The Big J (honest,) a South Korean Sheep Café (honest) and…the return of Nudibranchs!

Flashback Friday: Three’s Company

1504947_10152544559161338_972850151005310627_n“Késő Esti Mosoly/Late Night Smile.” From Facebook. Fotó: Toni Schneiders: Familienbild, Lübeck, 1950. From Vajda B.

Flashback Friday In The Big Apple

Even in New York, you probably don’t see this every day.

“Ruth Jacobi, New York, 1928.” Vajda B. spotted this on Facie Populi.

Flashback Friday: Share And Share Alike

06542uJune 19, 1922. Washington, D.C. “Shelly & Jezebel.” National Photo Company Collection glass negative. From Shorpy McShorpersons, as seen by Smedley.

Flashback Friday: Serbia, 1950

f3c6m1i“Two Serbian children holding a puppy at Sukovo train station, 1950.” From Arne as seen on Retours.eu.

Flashback Friday: Bath Day

tumblr_mpswwinHye1qzq84io1_1280“Kids washing Meerkat. South African children, 1950s.” Sent by Vajda B., from Faciepopuli.com.


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