Flamingo Flashback!

Cuteporter Deborah U. was kind enough to send us these photos after spotting our recent Flamingo story. “A couple days ago you posted a picture of one of the new Chilean Flamingos chicks at the SF Zoo,” she wrote.

“I happened to be there Friday, and took these.”

“There are 4 chicks (3 bigger, 1 smaller,) and at least one egg I could see.”

“They are adorable little fluff balls!!”



OK, Willya Look At That Little Fuzz Head

Saturday, August 30, the first Chilean Flamingo chick of the season was born at the San Francisco Zoo. The Zoo says there are now a total of four new fluffy white chicks in the Flamingo rookery. “A successful breeding season indicates that the flock is healthy and happy,” said San Francisco Zoo Curator of Birds Dominick Dorsa II. “We’re so excited about the hatching and look forward to getting to know each of our adorable new arrivals.”

You Knock Me Offa My Feet Baybee

Yesterday we presented this clip of Peacock Spiders dancing to YMCA.

For total bizarro-ness, we thought that would be tough to top. We were wrong.

Now, the fellow who made that video is back with another one- Pink Flamingos dancing to Michael Jackson. HEE HEEEEE! WHOOOOOOO!

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Don’t worry! You belong. This is the stand on one leg club and you are an honored member.

Via Reddit