Esscyuusse me, but I am not feesh please.


Yes I do understand how you may feel constrained by the classifications currently available to you, sir or madam.  However, this does not diminish my state of reptilianity.  I am what I am.  You see?  Not all that is wet is fishy!

We are TURTLE.  You will be assimilated.

Thanks to Lauri for the fine fotos!


Check out this new bebeh Beluga over at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium.

He’s all taking his first bref, blowing air out his blowhole: ""PPPBBBBFFFFTTTHH!!!"


Then he’s all snuggleh: [whale purring sounds]


Not to mention he’s got room to grow with his foldy side chub:


Molly D. (and to all other Sender-Inners) way to go. And get your continued Calf Updates here.

Clownfeesh whirlpool

Ehn! Ehn! Ehn! Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!

[bathtub water swirls out of control]


Andrew J., best clowns evar.

The Original Trout Pout

I was WAY ahead of the curve, People. Peeps are payin’ BEEG BUCKAROOS for leeps like mine…Next thing people will copy is my sweet “Hang Loose” antennae.PlumpersonsAndrew J., beeg smooches to you

Will you please check out this behbeh stingray

He’s all: Weeeeeeeeee!

First of all, I’ve never seen a bebeh stingray. Second, who woulda thunk a bebeh stingray could be cute enough to meet our stringent requirements? Third, will you please look at these "legs" OMG.


Megan F. (not me!) took this at the Brighton, UK aquarium. Hilarious.

“Pbbbbbbbfffft”-ing for the first time





Day-old "Balboa" gets his "Pbbbbbbbfffft" on. Thanks Cat R. ;)



You hear me, People? Moo.

Comin’ thruuuu moo.


OK, it’s not a cow, but it’s CLOSE, Cassie H.!

Soupe à là Férrète

Mmmmmmm. Tastes like Misooooo

[LOVE the guy at 9 o'clock. He's all about to submarine]

Then, there’s Mr. CombOverPants in the middle. Nice hairline, buddy!


Bethany H., Delicious!

IM in UR POND feedin’ UR FISH

feedin’ the fish, junior duckle!

What a go-getter.

Sara P., I quack een your general deerection.


Melanie S. stumbled upon this Sir Puffitude with mini winglets and 5 o’clock spine shadow. OK, this whole pic is too much, but the mini winglets are the best part—totally bite-offable!


He’s kinda golf-ball sized, huh Mel? Love the blowfish leeps too.